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Harry, Mitt, and Chick-Fil-A

Harry Reid (Democrat – Nevada) is the Senate Majority Leader.  It gives him a certain amount of power over the rest of the Senate.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t give him common sense.

A few days ago he quoted some unknown source as suggesting that the reason Mitt Romney would not release his tax returns is because it “is possible” that Mitt payed no taxes.  My personal guess is that Mitt simply took advantage of every legal loophole available to him and got away with plenty.  These loopholes are not available to us mere mortals.  You have to make a ton of money before they would have any value to most of us.  There is, however, something called an alternate minimum tax.  If you can use so many legal deductions that you will be paying almost no taxes, the AMT cuts in.  Hence, you are going to pay something.

So, Harry Reid basically accuses Mitt of being a felon.  I would call that a serious charge and something that Reid should have to prove or, if he can’t, he needs to make a public apology to Mitt Romney.  If we Democrats are going to be able to continue to look down on the dishonesty, ignorance, and stupidity of the Republicans, we had better be sure that our own house is in order!  I would call Reid’s conduct shameful .

Maybe in our elections we will always have mud slinging, but there is no reason why it can’t be honest mud slinging.

On a lighter note, Mitt Romney is now home.  His last stop was Poland where he gave a speech and apparently did not insult anyone.  However, his fact book needs some updating.  He heaped praise on Poland by saying that it “empowered the individual, lifted the heavy hand of government, and became the fastest-growing economy in all Europe.”  Nice. Well, he did overlook that the Polish government fully funds state university education.  Government expenditures as a percentage of gross domestic product is 44% (ours is 41%), and, like most of Europe, Poland has universal health care.

Really, Mitt, I would get someone beside Sarah and Michelle to research your “facts”.  Just a suggestion.

The Chick-Fil-A issue.  As I understand it the owner of Chick-Fil-A is a conservative Christian and is opposed to gay marriage.  Now, as far as I know his hiring practices are fine.  He simply expressed his own opinion.  And, yes, he donates to organizations which are “Christian” in nature (whatever that means).  OK, in the past couple of days there were a number of social conservatives who intentionally decided to patronize the store to show their support.  There were lots of pictures of this on the internet.  Most pictures these days are taken with smart phones.  Hence Apple, or Google, or Microsoft — the makers of the phone software possibly got a boost in sales.  These three companies are known to be very Gay-friendly.

The sellers of the phones probably got a boost in sales.  Who are the sellers?  They are Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, and AT&T.   Gay-friendly as well.

The customers probably purchased a drink with the Chick-Fil-A.  The only beverages available would be Coke products. Very G……… .  Hmm, I think you got it.

If they used a credit card, it likely would have been Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  I know, I know.  You guessed it again.

I could go on, but let me give any anti-Gay person reading this a hint:  If you want to support an anti-gay bigot (or Christian), you are better off staying at home doing absolutely nothing.  While you do your “absolutely nothing”, don’t use a computer because Microsoft and Apple (as mentioned above) are very gay friendly.

Credit where credit is due.  I got this info from www.reddit.com.  The writer was “xl_mezmerize_lx”.  I did the usual “due diligence”.


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