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I am afraid that I can’t get too worked up over the patronizing/boycott of Chick-Fil-A. This fast-food emporium appears to be doing well here on the East Coast and, I would guess, that by this time next week, or attention will be diverted elsewhere.

I know that all the good Christians who are patronizing Chick-Fil-A are doing it because us heathens have castigated the store for the owner’s comments about Gays. Now I know (actually, I just learned) that he has had trouble in the past because of his very conservative views, but I am just interested in the latest ones. I presume that his past views have been dealt with — and probably no one is totally happy.  Certainly people still buy his products.  This is a free country.  They can make it a point to patronize or boycott the store, as well as peacefully demonstrate if they are looking for something to do on this hot weekend (I am writing this on Friday afternoon, August 3).

So, here we have a lot of people who would be better off if they would eat a lower calorie meal justifying eating all that high calorie stuff in the name of Jesus. Now, there is no mention of gays, homosexuals, etc., in the New Testament at all. In the Old Testament, which is loaded with stomach-turning episodes, there are only 4-mentions of the gay life style. Yes, to be sure the tone is negative. By the way, the tone is also one of negativity toward women, non-Jews, eating pork products, etc.  The Old as well as the New Testament is, however, pro slavery.  So it IS in favor of some things.  By the way, I think that the demonstrators have it all wrong.  Remember, the New Testament is the story of a SINGLE 30-something male running around with 12 more 30-something single males.  What does that tell you?

Glancing at some of the pictures that I have seen of the Chick-Fil-A eaters, I would think that we need to talk a bit about something that IS mentioned in both the old and the new testament. It is a little thing called GLUTTONY. A lot of those people waiting in line for their chicken for Jesus are clearly overweight. The excuse today is Jesus.  What will it be tomorrow?  Whereas the gay-lifestyle is mentioned 4 times, gluttony is mentioned over 20 times (actually, I stopped counting at 20, it is mentioned much more than that).

Now, these people, or at least the ones that are not so obese probably spend time protesting at abortion clinics.  They are invariably carrying religious symbols.  OK, do you want to know what the Bible says about abortion?  Glad you asked:  The New Testament says nothing about it.  In the Old Testament, there are no definitive statements but scholars generally interpret the writings as indicating that the child is not human until it is half emerged from the birth canal.

So, if you are demonstrating at an abortion clinic in the name of your God, you might be making up your own religion.


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