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The Tax Returns

This tax return problem involving Mitt is really getting fascinating. The Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they do not trust their candidate, Mitt Romney. Yet when a Democrat has accused Romney of not paying his fair share — or possibly having not paid anything, every Republican is content to call their Democratic colleagues a liar. Now, the Republicans probably don’t know anything more than you or I do about the Romney tax returns.

The Democrats are all convinced that Harry Reid knows the score and they are willing to defend him. My guess is that they don’t know anything more than you or I do.

I don’t remember Romney’s words but it was something to the effect that he paid everything that he owed. I still am willing to accept that. However, I think that at his income level, the loopholes are so wide that the amount that he paid was probably a mere pittance. He really needs to come clean quickly. He is nuts if he thinks this will simply blow away. It’s going to get worse and worse. The Democrats will see to that.

This could be a great teaching experience.  People are always claiming that our tax system is broken.  There is no one in a better position to demonstrate that.  If it turns out that Mr. Romney is paying almost nothing while you and I are paying a rather significant share of our income, well, maybe it is time to overhaul the system.

With all his footwork getting around every issue, he does not look honest. If he continues to look dishonest when it comes to paying taxes, he doesn’t stand a chance of becoming the next president. Romney, who is beginning to look more and more sleazy is running against one of the most squeaky clean administrations that America has had in a long time.  He had best recognize that.

One comment on “The Tax Returns

  1. Truthful or not I think Reid is simply taking a page from the GOP playbook and hammering Romney with this “paid no taxes” thing to get people really asking, “Well, if he’s lying then show us the returns and prove him wrong”. It’s keeping the pressure on Romney and like you said, the longer it goes the more dishonest it makes him look.

    That and I think Harry is loving turning the GOP’s tactics around onto them. It’s funny how much they hate that 🙂

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