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Middle Eastern Peace

… and we wonder why peace in the Middle East is a Mirage.

You might have missed this, but a few days ago an Islamic terrorist group attacked an Egyptian border post. This is a case of Muslims attacking Muslims. The Israelis had nothing to do with it. The Israeli intelligence service was able to detect that an attack might happen and warned the Egyptians of this. The Egyptians chose not to act on it. The border post was never warned. The attack happened and a large number of Egyptian soldiers were killed.

The Egyptian government admitted that the Israelis did warn them. Egyptian intelligence officials admitted that they did not act on the intelligence from Israel because they could not believe that fellow Moslems would attack other Moslems who were having a post-fast Ramadan meal.

The belief that Moslems would not attack fellow Moslems should have be put to rest years ago. We have seen Moslem on Moslem attacks in Iraq as well as Afghanistan for many, many years. The idea that a Moslem would be so stupid as to say that he would not be attacked by another Moslem seems a bit odd to me.

Anyway, to get to the point of this story, the Egyptian press is claiming (with absolutely no proof) that the attack was staged by the Israelis. Remember, the Israelis actually warned the Egyptians of the impending attack. No parts of the story of the attack are disputed by the Egyptian or Israeli governments!  So, are Israel and Egypt at war?  After all, an attack on an Egyptian border post by Israel is an act of war.  But that didn’t happen according to the Egyptian military, Egyptian government, and Israeli government.  It only happened according to the Egyptian press.  So, if you ask the Egyptian man-in-the-street what he believes, well, he is not so sure.  Is he at war with Israel?  He doesn’t know!

Before you laugh at the Egyptians and their press, think about Fox News and what it is doing to news broadcasting in the United States.  If they continue to be successful, before long we will be in the same predicament as Egypt.  The news will no longer be what really happened, it will be what Fox News says happened.

The Israelis are not perfect angels but if anyone is wondering why there cannot be peace in the Middle East you only need look at the comments of the Arab leaders and Arab press. They talk about a 2-state (Israel and Palestine) solution in English but when they broadcast on Arabic radio and TV they just talk about destroying Israel and about their hatred of Jews.  So, the leaders and the press regularly mislead the people.

One can (or should) understand why the Israelis don’t trust them.  Similarly, the Egyptians, thanks to their press, have almost no idea what the truth is about the Israelis.  Pretty sad.


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