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Ri Solju

Ri Solju is the wife of the North Korean dictator Kim-Jong un. Now most of you know that North Korea is a prolific producer of arms and nuclear bombs. Those items are the only thing that they produce that anyone wants. Terrorists, Syria, and Iran seem more than happy to purchase whatever North Korea is selling. People are escaping either to China on the north or South Korea on the south because of no jobs and no food. The North Korean people are so poor, they are forced to eat tree bark (according to some reports).

Kim-Jong un was raised from childhood to know that sometime in the future he would be North Korea’s dictator. He had a sense of entitlement from day 1. He clearly has no interest in the well being of the North Korean people.

This photograph of him and Ri Solju was taken at a concert. Ms Solju has a little purse next to her that, according to fashionistas is a Christian Dior handbag with the signature “D” metal tag. If genuine it would cost $1,500.00. Political leaders (or spouses) would only do something like that when they really don’t care what the people think of them.


One comment on “Ri Solju

  1. Get your facts straight!
    Ri Sol-ju later gave that Dior bag away!

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