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Shocking Developments

I am shocked, shocked I tell you.  Is it possible that there are some adults in the Republican party?  Unless you have been on the moon for the past few days, you know about the Representative Akin comment on rape and pregnancy.  On Sunday, Akin said that a woman’s body is capable of preventing pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape”.  He later apologized and said that he was referring to “forcible” rape, and then further acknowledged that women can become pregnant if they are raped.

I’ll have to admit that when I first heard what Akin had said the only thing that went through my mind is that, “Well, he is a Republican, he has got the IQ of one, and acting is like one.”  I really didn’t think twice about it.

Surprisingly, Mitt Romney criticized Aiken’s comments, however, he hasn’t heard from the pro-rape faction of the Republican party as yet.  “Pro-rape” ?  Yes, you know, those Republicans who think that a child resulting from a rape is a “blessing”.  Mitt will probably change his mind by the end of the week.  Other Republicans were critical as well.    Note that when Aiken apologized, he just tried to use a better choice of words.  He ment everything he said.  He is still an older conservative male attempting to legislate what a young woman can or cannot do with her body.  His words were terrible but all he did was attempt to make them a bit less harsh.  He, along with most of the elderly, white, male Republican leadership still seem to feel that it is up to them to be the final authority of what a young woman can do with her body.  She “obviously” is not smart enough, and should not have any say in the matter.  Her uterus belongs to the elderly males of the Republican party!

I applaud the Republicans with their reaction to Aiken’s comment but I would question why they didn’t also rise up when others in their party were making stupid comment after stupid comment.

On Sept 12, 2011 Michele Bachmann  advised parents that there was a chance that girls who took the HPV virus vaccine will get mental retardation.  That was STUPID!  What did the Republicans say?  Nothing.

She called for a new McCarthyism in October 2008 when asking who in congress was pro-America and anti-America.  What did the Republicans say?  Nothing. She expressed an opinion that maybe President Carter had something to do with the outbreak of swine flu.  It actually happened when Gerald Ford was president, and, obviously, he had nothing to do with it. It goes on and on yet the Republicans did and said nothing.

How about Sarah Palin?  She blamed the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on environmentalists.  She seemed to feel that Paul Revere’s ride was a gun control issue!!  She described  North Korea as an American ally.  It goes on and on and Republican leaders seem to have done/said nothing.

Rick Santorum was, if anything, even dumber with his comments, but there were no Republicans to criticize him. Again, I am glad of the Republican outcry over the remarks made by Representative Aiken but in the past few years, we have heard Republican leaders saying some really dumb things and there was no one willing to say anything.

In times past, the Republicans have had some magnificent leaders.  Is it too much to hope that they can do that again?

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