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Spanish Fresco

I suppose that we all know about the elderly parishioner in Spain who attempted to restore a deteriorating fresco of Jesus. Well, as the story goes (a TRUE story, by the way) she attempted to restore it but, at first, people felt that there was a bit of a problem. Now, people who saw this lady at work, say that she was in a trance the entire time.  Local priests are claiming that she might have seen Jesus, and possibly the painting on the right is a much better likeness.  I personally would agree.  After all, I have wondered why Jesus always looked like a Norwegian.  Far be it for me to take sides, but I would think that he probably looked more like a Jew or Arab. Just saying.

This lady has now received a number of commissions on both sides of the Atlantic to add realism to famous paintings. She has already added excitement and pizazz to Whistler’s Mother and the Mona Lisa.

GE in their “holy smokes” line of appliances has a new toaster .

Louvre personnel say that If Mona Lisa were alive today, she would be well pleased with her more realistic, sexy appearance.

(Credit:  I got all the pictures, except the Last Supper from:  http://freethoughtblogs.com/rodda , Chris Rodda is  the Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). )


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