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Comments about the Republican Convention

I watched a little of the Republican convention on Tuesday evening — enough to see some of Ann Romney’s speech. The thing about Ann Romney’s speech was that it seemed to me to be very genuine. She talked about her husband as well as her kids and her health problems. She is clearly proud of her husband and she has a right to be. He was very successful at Bain Capital and made lots of money for himself as well as the Bain investors. If that is something that some of us don’t especially like — well, all I can say is that he worked within the economic system of the US as well as most of the world. He was a successful governor of Massachusetts and will always be known for setting up a very effective medical care system so that money is not the sole criteria as to whether you live or die. He did wonders with the Salt Lake City Olympics. Indeed Mitt Romney is an impressive person — though I probably wouldn’t trust him to transport my dog anywhere.

Were there any problems with the speech?  Let us look at a hypothetical Ann Romney — just like the real Ann Romney without the money — and possibly with a deceased husband.  Hypothetical Ann has or has had two very serious illnesses.  Suppose she had to factor in that her household was slowly going bankrupt because of the therapy required for breast cancer as well as MS.  That DOES happen, you know — all too often in the United States.  With Real Ann Romney, money was never an issue.  Mitt, through his father George Romney was very wealthy when he got married.  He was a hard worker and added to the wealth.  Now, hypothetical Ann Romney does not have his wealth.  I am curious if Mitt even understands that there are people who would go bankrupt if they got sick.  I would wonder if he has the compassion to run our country.  No matter what he said to the Right Wing in the primaries, he cannot just get rid of what President Obama accomplished.  So far, we know that he has stated that one of his first acts as president would be to get rid of “Obama Care”.  If that is his final word on the subject, there is no way that I could vote for him and I would hope that most reasonable Americans would feel the same.

There is more.  Governor Romney has got to be believable. He has got to be able to convince us all that he really stands for something. He has been on all sides of the issues and it is not clear to me that he can come across in some sort of believable way. Furthermore, what about all the Tea Baggers. Would he be able to convince them to cooperate with the rest of the Republicans as well as the Democrats in congress. I bet the answer is “No”.

Yesterday, the results of a Washington Post – ABC poll came out and it seemed to indicate that ¾ of those who regarded themselves as “very conservative” say that Mitt is just about right. Well, that part is good for Mitt but I wonder if the poll was taken before or after he bragged about the health care reform that he brought to Massachusetts. I think that the bragging that he did is only the beginning. He has got to get more to the political center. If he can’t do that by the end of October, then he is in big trouble.

Lastly, I would be especially interested to see what Mitt is going to say or do about some of the more interesting items that appear in the Republican platform:

1. They want to repeal the 16th amendment — which establishes the federal income tax.  Well, that is certainly one way to go back to the 17th century.
2. They want to police the universities for “liberal bias”.  I guess they will have to police all scientists as well — and most other learned professions.
3. Defend the Electoral College.  Yes, without that, George Bush would have never become president, we probably would not be going through this recession/depression, we probably would not have wasted so many soldier’s lives in Iraq.  Yes, by all means, defend the electoral college.  It’s all good!
4. They want to end our dependence on foreign fertilizer.  Truly, I never realized we had a problem.
5. They support the right of Puerto Rico to become a state but NOT the District of Columbia.  Surely it is not that DC has too many people with skin a bit too dark.  No, of course not.  What was I thinking?  Now, if the issue is population, I do know that the population of DC is greater than that of Wyoming, yet Wyoming is represented in Congress by 2-senators and 1-representative. Voting members for DC – none.
6. They support “liberty” to be the core energy behind America’s environmental improvements.  I guess that means that you don’t have to pollute our air or water if you don’t want to. How nice.


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