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Romney — Ryan

So, the Republican convention is over.  I would say it was a success.  Paul Ryan has successfully shown that he is not Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney has shown that he is human.  All to the good.  There is no question in my mind that Mitt Romney is qualified to be President.  My complaint/problem is more with the Republican party.  We saw in the primaries the way that so many Republican primary voters went for Bachmann, Santorum, and Gingrich.  It seemed to me that from day one, Romney made a believable president while the others were frightening to contemplate.

The following  was written as a comment to a fellow blogger:  “Republicans are a very weird group.  They don’t want government to tell them what to do but they want their church to tell others what to do.  They are pro-life and pro-death penalty.  They don’t want contraceptives — but no abortions either.  They want unfit parents to have children that they cannot afford but want to cut social programs that would help these people.  They want to punish people who knew they couldn’t raise a baby for not raising their baby.  They are a frightening group and they make up a large part of the Republican party.”

I would feel at ease if Romney became president — as long as congress was held by the Democrats.  I think that a man like Romney could cooperate and work well with the Democrats — he proved that in Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this would happen.  If Romney adopts all or parts of Paul Ryan’s idea of a budget this country could be in deep trouble.

I am worried as to how much influence Paul Ryan will have on Romney.  Once people had a chance to examine his budget proposal it became evident according to many scholars that Ryan had no concept of what he was talking about —  or he was horribly dishonest and the promises that he made would be impossible to keep.  His budget wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.  The only thing it seems to do is cut the taxes of the top  2% and increase the burden on the middle class.  Is that the direction that Mitt Romney would go?

We are used to politicians shading the truth, spinning the truth, and playing a bit loose with the truth.  Either Paul Ryan is one of the most uninformed people in congress or he is a complete liar.  His lies aren’t even clever.  For example, he got all teary-eyed when he talked about a GM plant closing near his home in Wisconsin – a plant that, Ryan claims, Obama promised would remain open.  The FACT is that the plant closed when George W Bush was president.  President Obama had nothing to do with it.  I won’t go into all the lies in Ryan’s speech because a lot of other bloggers have already beat me to it.  Suffice it to say that Mr. Ryan needs a better fact-checker for his speeches.  You can do a Google search on ‘Ryan lies’.  There’s lots of them.

I thought that the Republicans did well with the way they handled the Thursday evening  session.  They had a number of speakers who were not politicians but simply people who worked with Mitt.  They made him more 3-dimensional.  His speech was good as well.  It wasn’t a great speech (very few of them are) but it served to humanize him a bit more.  Regarding Clint Eastwood, well, the less said, the better.

In Mitt’s speech he talked about the failures of the Obama administration.  He neglected to point out that Obama did try to do almost everything that he said he would do.  Unfortunately, there were a hard core of Republicans that were more than willing to stand in his way and not at all willing to compromise.  Remember, as the Republicans often said, “Job 1 is to make Obama fail”.  The Democrats, of course, could do the same thing in a Romney administration.  I hope they don’t but if Romney won I am sure that the temptation would be there.

I am also concerned when Republicans talk about making thing easier for the small businesses.  Whenever Republicans say something like that, it always translates to relaxing air and water pollution rules as well as relaxing EPA standards for cars.  I, for one, want them to be tougher!  The rules that the Republicans always seem to go after are rules that make things more difficult for large businesses.  I wonder if they have EVER made things easier for small businesses.

I am afraid, also, that with the greatest amount of contributors to the Romney campaign coming from the banking industry that he might find it incumbent upon himself to relax banking laws.  Remember, it was the relaxed banking laws that got us into the present predicament that we are in.  Countries that are successfully weathering the Bush depression, such as Sweden and Israel are large socialist economies, and have banking laws that are much tougher than ours.


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