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Sandy and Christie

Governor Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey had a lot to say about President Obama and his response to the recent storm (Sandy).  It was all favorable — and he did it on Fox “News”. Christie showed up on Fox “News” where they asked if he would be having a photo op of […]

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Four years ago, I left the Republican Party of which I was a lifelong member and became an independent. Not long after, I supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election for president. I made this decision determined to look at the issues not as a Republican or a Democrat, but…

Does this make Sense?

Over the past 3-½ years President Obama has proposed a number of measures to put people back to work.  In every case, the Republicans have thwarted the efforts.  When bad job numbers have been announced, Republicans have been quite pleased — and have made no secret of their joy.  Recently, some better numbers came out […]

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, a registered Republican and the former Chief of Staff to General Colin Powell made the following comment on TV: Let me just be candid: My party full of racists. And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with […]

And the winner is … The Mormon Church

So, who won the debates?  According to the Washington Post, Governor Romney won the first debate and President Obama won the next two.  I disagree.  I believe that, absent some completely unforeseen development, the challenger always wins.  To me, Governor Romney won all three. What do you have to do to win a presidential debate?  […]

To Investigate, per chance, to Impeach

As you know,  an American ambassador, Chris Stevens and three others were killed at the American embassy in Libya.  So, the Republican-controlled house intelligence committee, acting like, well, Republicans, decided to investigate — and make things worse by trying to embarrass the President.  Investigation is probably the last thing on their minds.  In any case, […]

Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama

Over the past four years, the Republicans have tried to do a lot of damage to our President and our Nation.  In spite of this, President Obama has been pretty successful. He: 1. Passed Health Care Reform 2. Passed the Stimulus 3. Passed Wall Street Reform 4. Ended the War in Iraq 5. Eliminated Osama […]