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Debating a Chameleon

Do you know what a chameleon is?  It is a creature that is able to rapidly change colors to match the surroundings.  I used to think that they were lizards, but I guess that they come in human form as well.  I think that I saw one on television this past Wednesday.  Funny thing, though, they kept calling it Mitt.   Governor Romney did magnificently in Wednesday’s debate.  However, as good as he looked, he has been on all sides of so many issues that it is really hard to seriously believe him.  He can turn himself into a moderate, a right-winger, or a Democrat.   On Wednesday he sounded very compassionate for the poor and middle class but there are many speeches that he gave that seemed to show how out of touch he was.  Further, most of his support is coming from the super rich.  It is difficult for me to believe that they have nothing but altruistic motives in mind if Mitt gets to be president.

E.J. Dionne Jr., an Opinion Writer in the Washington Post had some interesting observations:  When President Obama made reference to the $5 trillion tax cut that Governor Romney had proposed, Romney flatly denied that he proposed any such thing!  He had repeatedly attacked regulations but, on Wednesday, argued that regulations were essential.  During the primaries, he did his best to hide Romneycare in Massachusetts but now embraced it.

So, summing up, Romney campaigned as a moderate when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts, an extreme Right Wing radical when running in the Republican primaries, and now transformed himself into a moderate again.  He definitely beat President Obama in the debate, but, what does he really stand for?

If he gets to be president, I would guess that he will not have a very good relationship with the Republicans.  Remember, during the primaries they tried to settle on anyone BUT Romney.  He was almost their last choice (last choice honors go to Ron Paul).  If he really wants to be a moderate, I think that he will get along pretty well with the House and Senate Democrats — but not the Republicans.

Wednesday’s presidential debate opened with a tender moment when President Obama acknowledged his wedding anniversary. He said, “20 years ago I became the luckiest man on earth because Michelle Obama agreed to marry me.” Factcheck.org disputed that almost immediately. It turns out that 20 years ago a woman by the name of Michelle Robinson agreed to marry him!


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