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My Position all Along!

So, as I (along with about half the bloggers in the world) said months ago,  Mitt Romney has the unenviable job of now trying to look like a middle-of-the-road candidate.  He is doing pretty well at it.

Suddenly, he is not going to cut the taxes on the rich.  A war against Iran is “a long way off”.  He has no plans to pass any new abortion laws.  It goes on and on.  He is banking on a lot of the American people being so inattentive that they don’t realize that he said just the opposite a few weeks ago.

There is no excuse for the poor showing of President Obama in the presidential debate, but I would like to think that President Obama is quick enough to catch his opponent telling lies.  Now, Romney could claim that he wasn’t lying at all.  He was simply changing positions on a lot of his platform.  Well, changing positions is OK but to introduce a new position and insist that was his position all along is what most of us would call “Lying”.

It is difficult in our system to hold a person’s feet to the fire.  The truth is that he can say whatever it takes to get elected and then change all of his positions.  Truly, I think that Romney has such contempt for the grass roots Republican voter that he thinks that they will believe whatever he says.  I guess he knows them pretty well.

I was fascinated by an article in the Washington Post about Governor Romney’s visit to northeastern Ohio, since that is where I came from.  It appears that he just visited Chagrin Falls.  I didn’t come from Chagrin Falls but I know the area quite well.  Chagrin Falls is composed of communities with houses worth many millions of dollars.  It is very upscale.  If that doesn’t send the voter a message, I don’t know what will.  Romney visited the most upscale community he could find.  He didn’t seek out a middle-class neighborhood.  He really isn’t too interested in what remains of our middle class.


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