Grow Up!

Mr Vice President, you are 69 years old.  Isn’t it time to grow up?  When I watched the Vice Presidential debate last Thursday, I was extremely annoyed at Vice President Biden.  I felt that the antics that VP Biden showed while Representative Ryan was speaking were uncalled for.

I realize that the moderator, Martha Raddatz from ABC News was not in a position to ask the VP to behave or to throw him out but I believe that if there were a couple of debate teams rather than one person on each side, Mr. Biden would be sent home early.  He was disgusting!

Certainly the Vice President as well as Representative Paul Ryan both knew their positions well and it would be difficult to pick a winner.  I am not even sure I could define a winner.  The positions of both sides were so different that there wasn’t really enough information given out to see if either side made sense.  Certainly enough economists not under the employ of the Republicans have said that their plan would result on a huge tax increase to the middle class while the Republicans are saying that the Democratic plan will bankrupt the country.  Who am I to believe?

Should I pay attention to representatives of a political party who tried, for the past four years, to make our president (and nation) fail?  Should I pay attention to the last position of the Republican Presidential candidate knowing full well that it will change within the next 10 minutes?

I am beginning to wonder what purpose is served by the debates.  If one wants to be well versed it is most advisable to just find a good newspaper — either in print or on the web — and try to understand what each side stands for.

To me, the Presidential debates just showed me that Obama wasn’t near the debater that Mr. Romney was — at least not on that night.  Does that make Romney’s positions better?  If I were undecided, would that debate help me make up my mind.  I would hope not.


2 comments on “Grow Up!

  1. Thank you for sharing. I wrote a piece on this subject yesterday.

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