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Saving Tax Dollars

So, we have learned that both candidates have a plan to pull us out of the Bush recession.  Are there ways to cut spending that maybe weren’t talked about in the last debate?  I think so.

Paul Broun (Republican – Georgia) has called evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang theory “lies from the pit of hell”.  He made these comments during a September 27 speech at Liberty Baptist Church in Minnesota.  Don’t we expect our elected officials — the people that we trust with running the country — to make well thought out decisions for all of us?  He also stated that the earth is about 9000 years old and was made in six days.  So, the Republicans, in an effort to make his vast knowledge of science benefit the American people have put him on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.  Maybe we don’t need a House Science, Space and Technology Committee.  With people like Broun on it, I can’t see what use it could possibly serve.

Also, on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee we have that noted biologist, Todd Aiken (Republican – Missouri), who has discovered that women have a new, previously unknown mechanism — a trap door in the vagina — that comes into play in the case of “legitimate” rape.  He is running for senator in Missouri.  Surely this great scientist does Missouri (and the Republican party) proud.  Where do the Republicans get these clowns?  The House Science Committee is posed to contribute nothing.

Ralph Hall (Republican – Texas), the chair of  the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee lumps ‘global freezing’ with ‘global warming’ and sums it all up with, “I don’t think we can control what God controls.”  So where do we draw the line?  What does god control and what do we control?  Which god are we using? This idiocy among the Republican members of congress goes on and on.  These are the people that we are trusting to run our country.  Let’s get rid of his committee.  It serves no purpose.

OK, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee is a bit of a loss, let’s look elsewhere for more savings.  John Shimkus (Republican – Illinois) is the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Environment and Economy.  Mr. Shimkus, to show his knowledge of the environment,  quotes the bible to allay concerns of global warming, stating that God, “Has promised mankind through Noah that the earth would never again be destroyed by a flood.”  Well then, I guess that settles it.  Maybe we no longer need a House Subcommittee on Environment and Economy.  With people like him using the bible as a textbook, we are just wasting our tax money.  Let’s close it down!  I suggest that we put Shimkus, Hall, and Broun on the House Bible, Fiction, Fantasy, and Nonsence committee.

 So, we have elected people like Broun, Hall, Shimkus, etc., to run our country.  These are men who think that global warming is a fantasy, men who think that the earth is thousands of years – not billions — and that women have magic vaginas.  Those men are as qualified to be on a science committee as priests are to be around cub scouts.  I hope that we, at least, are ashamed — the rest of the world must be terrified!


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