To Investigate, per chance, to Impeach

As you know,  an American ambassador, Chris Stevens and three others were killed at the American embassy in Libya.  So, the Republican-controlled house intelligence committee, acting like, well, Republicans, decided to investigate — and make things worse by trying to embarrass the President.  Investigation is probably the last thing on their minds.  In any case, they started off by mistakenly releasing the location of a CIA safe-house.  That, in itself, is pretty damaging.  They were not through, however.  Darrell Issa, a Republican, released the names of Libyans “working with” the United States.  Were they CIA agents?  I wonder if there is any insurance company that would now issue them life insurance policies.  I don’t think so.

Now the Republicans are, I suppose, holding President Obama at fault for what happened at the embassy.  After all, he wasn’t there to personally shoot the terrorists.  So, I guess that by the same reasoning, their hero, George W Bush must be responsible for the deaths on 9/11.  He is certainly responsible for the US and Iraqi deaths in Iraq.  He is certainly responsible for the torture – smearing the US reputation for years to come.  So, I would suggest that maybe we should re-open the investigation of the Iraq mess and if any illegalities exist – such as invading a country that did not do anything to us, then jail terms should be handed out — starting at the top.

Let me suggest something to members of the GOP.  Think back.  Did you vote for George W Bush in the year 2000?  Then, seeing how much  damage he was doing to our country, enable him to do more by voting for him again in 2004?  If you can answer “yes” to both of those questions then you are partially responsible for the mess that President Bush created.  You can’t take back what you have already done but in a small way, you can attempt to make amends to your countrymen:

1. Go find your voter notification card
2. Hold it with both hands.
3. Tear it up into very small pieces.
4. Burn it.

Just think, on voting day you can be an American hero (in your own mind, anyway) by NOT voting.  You will serve your country.  You will serve the world.  Think about it.


6 comments on “To Investigate, per chance, to Impeach

  1. Breaking news! The administration KNEW what was taking place at the embassy in LIbya within hours of the time the TERRORIST attack took place. YOUR president spent the next 3 weeks sending people out, including Susan Rice and Bagdad Jay Carney and our Secretary of State, to blatantly LIE about what happened. This was blamed multiple times, including by Obama in front of the United Nations, on some incredibly obscure video that was posted on You Tube way back in June. All total lies.

    All this from the administration who promised in the campaign for the election in 2008 to be the most transparent and honest. HA! This incredible series of LIES continues to be overlooked by the mainstream media and the diehard liberals who simply don’t have the ability to deal with the truth about Obama. This is a story that’s not going away. Hang on for the ride…If there were more left of his term, he should be impeached.

  2. The real issue is not Lybia, but that Obama cannot do anything right by the GOP because he is black. The GOP doesn’t even give him credit for killing Osama Binladen and taking out the entire Taliban leadership. What does that say about America? May America should be two countries. I am sure GOP right wingers would love to have the South back and return to “the good old days where blacks knew their place.”

  3. You apparently learned all you know about the GOP from MSNBC, or more adequately named “MSDNC”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your exposure to the left’s talking points is obviously mind numbing.

    How about facts? How about Obama’s promise to close Gitmo? Fail. How about Obama’s promise to drop unemployment (as a result of his excessive stimulus package) from over 8% to somewhere in the 5% range? Fail. How about his investment in green energy which has cost American taxpayers millions, maybe billions of dollars as company after company go belly up? Fail How about Obama’s propping up General Motors, which will likely never, ever be able to repay American taxpayers the money invested? All for NO other reason than propping up the pensions of the Union retirees. Fail.

    This is the tip of the iceberg. You should take the time to investigate the number of socialists, Marxists and communists, from Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and a host of others that are deeply ingrained in his administration. Fail.

    None of this has anything to do with his color. It has everything to do with him being unqualified to continue to be president of our country. Do some homework, for America’s sake.

  4. What you say proves my point exactly. America should be divided into two countries: One for the GOP and the other one for the Democrats. They see the world totally differently and cannot stand each other. The GOP can take back the Old South., and the Democrats can take the North…and California, of course.

    • Awaiting moderation you say…, O.K., and then the country of GOP and the country of Democrats can exchange ambassadors. How is that for moderation?

  5. Roy, the beauty and failing of our system is that we are not electing a dictator. The only way that a president can get anything done is if his proposal passes constitutional muster and if congress agrees.

    Close Gitmo – President Obama certainly tried. Drop unemployment – congress continually got in the way. Investment in green energy – we have to try and keep trying. We can’t continually depend on the Middle East. Prop up GM and keeping people working. It was absolutely the right thing to do.

    Your next paragraph is just name calling. It is something that Michelle Bachmann and Joe McCarthy were both very good at. You ought to be a bit more careful with your words. Do you even know the difference between a Marxist and a Communist?

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