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And the winner is … The Mormon Church

So, who won the debates?  According to the Washington Post, Governor Romney won the first debate and President Obama won the next two.  I disagree.  I believe that, absent some completely unforeseen development, the challenger always wins.  To me, Governor Romney won all three.

What do you have to do to win a presidential debate?  Well, you have to show up and look presidential!  Do that, and you win!  When Governor Romney went up against the president on the first debate he looked like presidential material.  Before then, it would have been easy to group him with the likes of Bachmann, Santorium, Cain, etc.  After the debate, there was no question that Romney was a candidate to be reckoned with.  Look at the poll numbers after the debate.  Yes, we all know how bad President Obama looked during the first debate, but I really think that even if our president did better, Governor Romney showed that he could look “presidential”.  He didn’t have to understand the issues.  He just had to look good.  He looked good.

It’s true that if one has been following the candidates it was rather easy to catch Governor Romney in one flip-flop after another but I am afraid that most people do not follow that closely.  Right before our very eyes he was morphing from the “severely conservative” Mitt Romney, to a pragmatist.  They assume that whatever a candidate says is something that he can deliver on.  Well, he can’t unless congress agrees.

The biggest winner, however, was the Mormon Church.  You probably know that Billy Graham changed his church’s web site so that it no longer refers to Mormonism as a cult.

Graham is now dabbling in politics for the first time since he swore it off after his support of Richard Nixon.  Billy Graham was probably the last person in America to believe that Richard Nixon was, “Not a crook.”  The Billy Graham web site had said that, “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the Unification Church, Unitarians, Spiritists,  Scientologists, and others” were cults.  Now, “Mormonism” has graduated into a “real” religion.  After all, if Billy Graham can’t speak for god, who can?

My personal feeling is that all religions are equally believable.  I always found it hard to believe that former slaves in Egypt could roam a desert for 40 years (40 hours would have been impressive).  There was never a “son” of god roaming the Middle East 2000 years ago.  That is absolute nonsense!  If one feels that they need a religion — or some sort of magic daddy in the sky — then Mormonism is surely as good as any of them.

Whether or not Governor Romney gets to be president, he is an absolute hero in the Mormon Church.  He turned his religion from a cult to a mainstream faith just like Catholicism, Lutheranism, etc.  I believe that his actions will hasten the spread of Mormonism throughout the United States.  I believe that within the next 100 years we either will give up on religion as Europe has, or we will embrace our own home-grown religion, Mormonism.

Amen brother.


One comment on “And the winner is … The Mormon Church

  1. You make a great observation., and I would add Mormonism as a religion, and no longer a cult, might prove to be an improvement over the hypocrisy of overall Christians who, for example, condemn the Mormon practice of polygamy while indulging themselves in a series of multiple marriages and divorces. So having many wives together is despicable, but if you have them one at a time, that’s O.K. Like the saying goes, “Religion is what gives God a bad name.”

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