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Does this make Sense?

Over the past 3-½ years President Obama has proposed a number of measures to put people back to work.  In every case, the Republicans have thwarted the efforts.  When bad job numbers have been announced, Republicans have been quite pleased — and have made no secret of their joy.  Recently, some better numbers came out and the Republicans were furious.  Why do you suppose THAT is?  Does it make any sense?

Early in the President’s term, he tried to help Chicago get the 2016 Olympics.  It would have provided prestige for The US, as well as Chicago.  It failed.  Republicans were overjoyed.  Does this make sense?

The electric car that General Motors has developed (Chevy Volt) is clearly an engineering marvel — created in America by Americans — but when GM announced that it was not selling as well as hoped.  Republicans were overjoyed.  Does this make sense?

When Osama bin Laden was killed, a lot of Republicans have credited Mitt Romney or George W Bush with the killing of bin Laden.  Did they fool anyone?  Does this make sense?

Governor Romney has disassociated himself from that claim, but notice, he didn’t dare congratulate President Obama until he was anointed as the Republican candidate.  Does this make sense?

Summing up, we seem to have a very odd situation in which Republicans have such contempt for America and Americans that they are working tirelessly to destroy the people that they were elected to serve.  What is even odder is that the Republican rank and file keep voting for the people who are intent on doing damage to them and our country. Does this make sense?

In spite of the Republicans, there are now 30 million Americans who have the opportunity to have healthcare, with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) reducing the deficit that the Republicans claim to be concerned about (of course they are not).  We have re-instituted Wall Street banking reforms that were first set in place by President Roosevelt over the objection of most Republicans.  Republicans are furious. Why?  Does this make sense?

During the 1990s the Republicans were intent on having a national health care similar to what Republican Governor Mitt Romney did for Massachusetts.  When it was presented by President Obama the Republicans immediately turned against it.  Does this make sense?

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created somewhere between 3.3 and3.8 million jobs.  One would have to question the motives (or sanity) of anyone who would say that the Act is a failure.  The Republicans call it a failure.  Does this make sense?

The American automobile industry is thriving because the President DID NOT follow the advice Mitt Romney who wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal saying, “Let Detroit go Bankrupt”.  Republicans are upset that GM is becoming successful again.  Does this make sense?

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear of some new racist joke said by a Republican operative or candidate.  Yet, we are told that it was just meant in jest and that they (the Republicans) are not racists.  That doesn’t pass the smile test!

All of the above makes perfectly good sense if you were the Taliban and wanted to see America fail.  It also makes good sense if you were a racist and wanted to see our president fail because of his color.  But how does it make sense for the average American who simply wants to earn a living and to see America succeed?

Ref: PoleticsUSA


One comment on “Does this make Sense?

  1. It all makes sense when you consider that most Republicans are whites with Nazi tendencies. These folks would have fought on the side of Hitler if they have had the opportunity. Now we have a black president. To them that is totally unacceptable. The issues they bring up against Obama are totally irrelevant. Their purpose is to bring down President Obama by all means available. The solution (if we could): Arrest them all and ship them all back to Germany where they all probably came from.

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