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Sandy and Christie

Governor Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey had a lot to say about President Obama and his response to the recent storm (Sandy).  It was all favorable — and he did it on Fox “News”.

Christie showed up on Fox “News” where they asked if he would be having a photo op of the devastation of his state with Governor Romney.  I don’t remember the exact words but basically Christie indicated that he was not into playing politics with the people of New Jersey.  I wish there were more governors like that man.

President Obama responded rapidly in consultation with Governor Christie, and together they did whatever was humanly possible.  Christie did not play politics.  He gave credit where it was due. http://www.youtube.com/user/GovChristie

Amazingly, there was a comment from George W Bush’s FEMA Director, Michael Brown (“Brownie”, as Bush called him).  He claimed that Obama responded “too quickly”.  What??? Brown’s comment was especially funny because he is the one that botched the response to Hurricane Katrina.  He was so incompetent that even George W Bush recognized it for what it was.

Newt Gingrich and columnist Charles Krauthammer claimed that what Obama did, he did for political reasons.  So, what does that mean?  Do they really feel that Obama scheduled the storm for Monday, October 29?  I am sure that the Republican rank and file do believe that.  The fact is, you don’t respond to a storm unless there IS a storm, and when there IS a storm you give it your best shot.

It is interesting to look at the Republican attitude.  Governor Romney has made it clear that he would be in favor of passing emergency management back to the individual states — and the government should be totally out of the search and rescue business.  So, in Romney style, every state would have to go out and buy specialized (expensive) rescue equipment which in all likelihood would not get used more than one or two times during their operational life.  There would be no standards as to what training a would-be rescuer would need. The wealthier states probably would go out and buy the equipment and the less affluent would not.  Millions of dollars would be wasted in needless duplication, and some of the mid-western states as well as the south would be out in the cold (maybe literally).

All in all, according to the Washington Post, our elected leaders on the East Coast responded pretty well.  They didn’t play politics and they did take charge.  I, personally, am gratified that we Americans do the right thing (on occasion).  Congratulations to Governor Chris Christie (Republican – New Jersey), Mayor Michael Bloomberg (Independent – New York City), Mayor Cory Booker (Democrat – Newark), Governor Martin O’Malley (Democrat – Maryland), and most of all, President Barack Obama.

Well, maybe one more thing, as Eugine Robinson of the Washington Post said,

“And by the way, why is it that we’re having such a huge hurricane make landfall in such an unusual place at such a late date in the season? Is this another of those freakish once-in-a-century weather events that seem to be happening so often these days?

I know it’s impossible to definitively blame any one storm on human-induced atmospheric warming. But I’m sorry, these off-the-charts phenomena are becoming awfully commonplace. By the time scientists definitively establish what’s happening, it will be too late.

As has been noted, the words “climate change” were not spoken during the presidential debates. Hurricane Sandy wants to know why.”


Tribune of the People
The Washington Post


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