Stupid Design

I found this on the blog “Atheism & Me” and thought it quite thought provoking.


7 comments on “Stupid Design

  1. This makes total sense, but don’t try this on the Intelligent Design believers. They have a perfect retort (which works for every question): God made it, and who are we to question His design? You can’t argue with that.

  2. However said that the Gods were always kind or that their sense of humor would be such that we’d appreciate it? 😆

    But the Godless will believe whatever they wish and that’s fine. Your sort are only a problem when you’re allowed to bring it into the public sphere or have your unbelief intersect with our nation’s laws.

  3. Don’t you feel that by minorities speaking out, they help us to become the country that we always THOUGHT we were.

    I am OK with religious displays — but not with my tax money.

  4. I myself love his video on stupid design at the beyond belief conference. That dr. tyson and his speech on stupid design lead me to do my own post on stupid design, intelligent design, and perfect design.


    I also have a link to the video if you wish to watch it.

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