Winners and Losers

We generally learn more about a chess game or a military operation or a political campaign if we spend time analyzing the loser.  Lets do it:

If you look at the electoral votes, it would appear that President Obama won by a landslide.  Clearly, that is not the case.  He did win the popular vote by only 2%.   However, lets not forget that the next congress will have more Democrats in the Senate as well as the House – though the house will still have a Republican majority.

When Governor Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, I couldn’t help but contrast this ticket with the Republican ticket of four years ago (a war hero and a clown).  Paul Ryan now, Sarah Palin four years ago, what an improvement!  No question that Ryan was the better choice but I began to have my doubts about him when analyst after analyst said that Ryan’s economic plan for the country simply wouldn’t work.  The numbers didn’t add up.

Next, it became evident that Romney was a man with no principles.  He simply wanted to be President.  Nothing wrong with wanting to be president but, it would seem to me that you have to stand for something.  Governor Romney stood for nothing.  In that sense, he was really frightening!  The more the campaign dragged on with Romney continually changing his position and lying about things he said in the past, the more I realized that I had no idea who he was or what he stood for.  The campaign should provide the chance to become familiar with the candidates.  For Romney, as far as I was concerned, just the opposite was happening.  I was becoming more and more sure that I didn’t know who he was.  This was truly bazaar!

I have nothing against the State of Iowa but the people there probably have some very different views than, say, the people of New Hampshire, or the people of Maryland.  The primaries should definitely not start in Iowa!  As you probably remember, the winner of that primary was Rick Santorium.  I wonder how well he would do in Maryland.  Yet, all of the candidates, if they wanted to win, needed to say things in Iowa that will come back to haunt them in, say, New York.  Rick Santorium, with his views, fit in quite well in Iowa.  Romney, not so much!

If we are going to keep the present primary system, the first primary should be in a more populous state – chosen by the party.  The Republicans might very well pick Texas, and the Democrats maybe California.  Certainly no one in their right mind would pick Iowa!

Republicans need to stop talking about Lady Parts unless they REALLY know what they are talking about.  They said things that were absolutely stupid.  One of the reasons that Obama won is because of the women’s vote.  It wasn’t even close.  Most male voters voted Republican.  The women by a rather large majority voted for Obama.  My guess is that there were enough women that were rather frightened by all the Republican talk about abortions, not even to save the life of the mother, etc., that they felt that they absolutely HAD to vote.  Funny thing, it may have been the Republican candidates like Mourdock in Indiana, and Aikan in Missouri that forced an Obama victory.  Women gave Obama 55% of their votes to 43% for Romney.  I believe that might qualify as a landslide.

A big issue for future elections (big now, bigger later) is the demographics.  I watched Governor Romney’s concession speech.  The speech was fine — as far as concession speeches go.  But the thing that I most noticed was when the cameras were pointed at the audience.  They had to look hard for a face that might be hispanic or black or asian, or well, you get the idea.  The Republican party has become the party of old white males – with nineteenth century economic ideas.

This does not bode well for the future of the Republican party.  To see what I mean, all you had to do was take a look at the Obama victory speech.  The faces in that audience reflected America.  The faces in Romney’s corner reflected, well, Iowa.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned one big winner of this campaign — the Mormon Church.  They are suddenly mainstream (no longer a cult, blessed by Billy Graham)  and I predict that there will be an upsurge of Americans in the near future joining the Mormon Church.

In Maryland, the Gay and Lesbian community are celebrating a giant win – the passage of the Same Sex Marriage bill.  Unfortunately, a lot of states still allow only 1-man and 1-woman in a legal marriage.  I hope that the Supreme Court will strike those laws down.

Another big winner, I feel, is Nate Silver, a New York Times blogger who really understands statistics.  He predicted the outcome of EVERY state election correctly and, of course, the victory of President Obama.  His blog is “Five Thirty-Eight: Politics Done Right”.  Last week, it was the 6th most trafficked news site in the United States.  Now, don’t think that you could have looked at his blog a few months ago and known the outcome of the election.  He, after all, is dealing with people who are always changing their minds.  But if you had checked his site the day before the election, you would have known how it was going to turn out.  So, what significance is the number Five Thirty-Eight?  It is the number of electors in the electoral college. Remember, the winner had to get 270 which is five thirty-eight divided by two + 1.

Another person who deserves some credit is Ann Romney.  In the beginning of the Republican campaign she came across to me as an out-of-touch rich woman.  As the campaign progressed she proved to be a quick study and got better at handling herself on TV.  She is not as good as Michelle Obama but she isn’t bad.

OK, are you in the mood for some losers?  There is plenty of those.  A “superPAC” run by Karl Rove (the brains behind George W Bush)  spent $400 million dollars on Republican ads.  In every race that CrossroadsGPS ran an ad, the Republican lost!  Wow! (from The Tribune of the People)

Mitch McConnel, the Republican Senate minority leader spent 4-years doing one of the most irresponsible and despicable things a Senator has ever done.  He claimed (many times) that job 1 was making sure that Obama was not re-elected.  He spent 4 years shirking his duty to try to help end the Bush recession.  He contributed nothing to our country, yet the people of Kentucky seem to feel that he is just fine!  They should have recalled and impeached him!

Other losers were state party leaders in Ohio and a few other states who did their best to suppress voting in areas that were likely to be Democratic.  If Republicans have to continually do that to win elections, they will never gain much respect from the average American voter.  It was no secret what they were doing — they were rather incompetent at it.


2 comments on “Winners and Losers

  1. What is amazing in this whole election deal is that supposedly the pro-business party, the Republicans, did not have a clue how to run the business of winning an election. Business folks know instinctively that to run a successful business one has to give the customer what the customer wants, not what I want. So if one were to run a juice stand and the customers prefer apple cider, we give them apple cider. Duh., this a no brainer; but how did the GOP run their election campaign business? They ran on ideology. lt did not matter what the customers, the voters, wanted. It did not matter that the country had changed demographically with sizable minority groups as part of the customer base. it was all about what the white male dominated GOP wanted. It is not surprising they lost.

  2. Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brialilnt posts.

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