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I felt sure that Mitt Romney would win. Everything that I read pointed to an outcome just the opposite, but I am an extreme pessimist. I really didn’t believe that Obama would win until, well, he won.  Now, realistically, the polls, particularly Nate Silver’s in the New York Times did predict an Obama victory with him sweeping the swing states, with the exception of North Carolina.

 So, it is over and Obamacare will be given a chance.  Nineteenth century economic theories will not be resurrected.  The recovery from the Bush recession will be allowed to proceed.  We will not threaten to bomb any country that we don’t like.  We will not insult our allies.  We will not use torture as “standard operating procedure”.  We will stop antagonizing Russia for no apparent reason.  We will not consider all Muslims on this planet as our enemy.  We will continue our progress toward trying to become a just society.

Maybe, though this is far fetched, the Republicans will see that there might be some advantages to America and to themselves if they would consider cooperating with the President once in a while.  Their bad behavior of the last four years did not get them anything.  What it DID do was cause this recession to last longer than it needed to be.

We are used to the fact that political ads are full of exaggeration.  I think that most of the American population even understands that when a candidate says that he will do something, what he really means that he is in favor of that issue and will sign it if congress passes it, and if it passes constitutional muster.

As far as trail blazing in the field of exaggerations and outright lies, the Republicans hold the lead by a wide margin since the time of Lee Atwater, a political consultant for George H. W. Bush.  Atwater used fake polling in which he would represent himself as taking a survey, saying some false things about one of the candidates, and then asking survey questions.  He also used racism in a major way. Additionally,  he accused lots of our representatives of being gay.  In March 1990, after a fainting episode Atwater was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Interestingly, in February 1991, Atwater wrote an article for Life magazine in which he apologized to Michael Dukakis for the treatment that he (Dukakis) received during the campaign between Dukakis and Bush.  Atwater died in March 1991.

He died but his technique lived on in the Republican party.  Lie, lie, lie.  Karl Rove, is clearly an Atwater clone.

Romney was an accomplished liar.  The amazing thing about him was his ability to lie, and, when caught at it, continue to keep insisting that he was telling the truth.  Toward the end of the campaign he told the whopper in Ohio in which he said that a Jeep plant was closing — this would affect the jobs of thousands of people.  The management (who were probably Romney voters) were forced to publish an article stating that there was no truth to the Romney assertion.  Did that cause Romney to back off?  No, in fact he used that same lie for the duration of the Ohio campaign.  Did it cause him to lose Ohio?  We’ll never know.

Romney was never forthright about what his plans were if elected.  He did keep claiming that he would cut everyone’s taxes but make up the difference by closing loopholes.  What were those loopholes?  Romney wasn’t talking.

Even though reporters called him on it early in the campaign, Romney kept insisting that Obama went on a global “apology” tour, he was going to cut $700 billion from Medicare, etc.  These things were not true but that didn’t seem to phase Mitt.

Mitt, enjoy your retirement.  I hope to never see you in politics again.  Hopefully, you were and always will be more honest to your wife, children, and grandchildren than you were to the American people.


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