Have a Great Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving tradition is to have a turkey, as opposed to pork, beef, etc.  The luckiest turkey is, of course, the one that is to be slaughtered by the president.  He will, as we know, be given a pardon.  I think that this is wrong.  I think that the turkey should be required to do something useful in exchange for the pardon.  I would propose that he join the Republican party leadership.  Not only would it raise the average IQ of the party, but turkeys generally have something intelligent to say, vs., say, the nonsense that comes out of Santorum’s, Palin’s, Bachman’s, Todd Aiken’s, or Richard Mourdock’s mouths.  I ask you, doesn’t a well spoken, “Gobble, gobble”, have more meaning than, say a Mitch McConnel constantly saying, “Our job is to make Obama a one term president.”

You might not have known this, but we’ve already had one turkey serving in the senate, yes, you guessed it, the one and only Mitch McConnell, the minority leader.   Now,  he only lets photographers take pictures of him behind a podium.  I happen to have a picture gotten from, well, I can’t tell you, but here it is:

I report Photoshop, you decide!

Have a great Thanksgiving but never forget, the turkey that you are eating COULD be the Senate Minority Leader.



2 comments on “Have a Great Thanksgiving!

  1. Our goal is to make McConnell a one-term turkey

  2. GREAT graphic!!!

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