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Gay Marriage

WSJI voted to allow gay marriage in Maryland — as did the majority of Marylanders, But all along, I felt that something was wrong with this.  One thing that I am very sure of is that it is wonderful when two people think so much of each other that they want to assume mutual legal responsibility.  Why should anyone want to get in the way?

I finally put my finger on what was troubling me.  I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t like the fact that we Americans voted on the issue.  I believe that this was probably the only time in American history where we, the majority, voted on what rights a minority could have.

Our founding fathers were very concerned about a tyranny of the majority — the majority of Americans taking away a minority’s rights.  That is why the first 10 amendments of the constitution exist.  Our rights as American citizens are spelled out, and if we want to change them, it takes an amendment of the constitution — something not easily done.

We have had congress or the supreme court get involved on defining rights but that was only because there was some thought that certain groups were being treated unfairly.  Votes for women required an amendment because the original constitution only gave the vote to men.  Votes for Blacks required a constitutional amendment because the original specifically did not treat blacks as citizens.  Integration of schools required the supreme court to be involved because blacks were being treated unfairly — separate but equal was not equal.

If a couple, gay or straight, wants to have their legal union blessed by the church of their choice — well that is not any of my business.  Some churches, I suppose will do it, and others won’t.  Churches have never been known as bastions of tolerance.  But, in the eyes of the law the gay or straight couple should be equal.  We should never have had to vote on it.


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