The Popemobile

PopeMobileAn issue that is troubling me is the new Pope-mobile (left).  I, a non-believer, have always been willing to listen to people on the other side (religious people).  I am willing to let them tell me of all the proof that Jesus really existed and was the son of god, and I am more than willing to let them know where there are flaws in their reasoning and where they are factually simply incorrect.

I would assume that, if there was ever a believer in that nonsense, it was the Pope.  As a young boy he was a Nazi soldier, he was head of the “Propagation of the faith” (used to be known as the “inquisition”), and later in life he covered for pedophiles.  If I were in his position, my conscience would have told me for all three of those issues, “Don’t do it!”.  Presumably he had direct communications with a higher authority, who said, “Do it”.

Well, that was in the past.  His current actions disappoint me.  I would assume that a man who was so blessed would trust in god, but here he is getting an armor-reinforced vehicle with bullet proof glass.  What is going on here?  He shouldn’t need that.  Trusting in his god has served him well.  The popemobile is for wimps — or us non-believers!


2 comments on “The Popemobile

  1. The followers of Christ were all doubters starting with Peter. The saints of the church without exception doubted God at one time or another. Yes, this Pope is a doubter. Nothing new.

  2. Maybe he is hoping that bulletproof glass can stop the wrath of God.

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