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The Sacred Gun

imgresThroughout history many gods were born at the time of the Winter Solstice.  Naturally, there was Jesus — the centerpiece of Christian mythology. There was also Mithras who had 12 followers and was resurrected after suffering a painful death.  There was Odin (Norse), there was Horus (Egyptian), and the list goes on.  These fellows were, or are, sacred to one group or another.

What else is sacred to us Americans?  Well, apparently the politicians and bankers who got us in to this financial mess won’t have to pay a price for what they have done.  They’re sacred.  What else?

Cars can be misused so to minimize that we don’t issue licenses until the state is confident that the would-be driver is sane, able to handle a car, and knows the laws.  People race cars, but that is mostly done on special tracks.  Cars are mostly used for the mundane tasks of shopping, taking the kids to soccer practice, going to work, etc.  Cars can be lethal weapons, but thanks to the proper regulations the good that they do far outweighs the bad.

Guns are sacred for us Americans.  We recently suffered through a shooting at a mall in Oregon.  Some innocent people were killed and the gunman killed himself.  Before that, there was a theater in Colorado, there was a school. There was a youth committing the heinous act of carrying Skittles and a soft drink. The list goes on.  Does someone have a well-reasoned explanation for all this?  I’d love to hear one.  Why is it that we have so many guns in this country?  Why is it that so many feel that they have to have one (or more than one)?  Does this make sense?  We have other things in this country which, when abused, can kill.  So, we treat them very carefully, and have strong laws regulating them.

AK-47 rsI know that lots of people use guns for target practice.  That’s certainly OK.  But I do have a problem with people being allowed to own assault rifles.  They are not especially accurate guns.  Their use is to kill.  The AK-47, a Russian designed gun  can fire 600 rounds per minute.  What use is that if not to kill?  Is there someone out there who uses an AK-47 to mow his lawn?  Why do our elected representatives allow that sort of firepower on American streets?

Guns are the REAL god in this country.  They are so sacred  that we even pass laws to make it OK to use them in the most irresponsible manner (e.g. the “Stand Your Ground” law).

Now, for a more normal rifle which is used for hunting it would seem that since it can fire a piece of metal at a very high speed — which could kill someone, we ought to require the buyer to take tests (a LOT of tests) to make sure that he is qualified to handle such a piece of lethal equipment.

Same with pistols.  If a person feels he needs one for protection it would not be asking too much for him/her to justify their need in great detail.

In the United States there are 32 gun murders every day!  Every day we run the risk of getting shot to death while doing our Christmas shopping in a mall, going to a movie theater, going to school, or going to your favorite house of worship.

The way things are in the USA, you go to a gun show, put up your money, and come home with an efficient killing machine.  That is sick!  Aren’t we better than that?


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