Guns, Guns, Guns

bulletsOn Friday a man forced his way into a school and, from what we know, attempted to kill as many children and teachers as he could.  Think you heard that one already?  Maybe you didn’t.   In this case the man was in China.  China has tough gun laws and it is not very likely that a private citizen is going to own a gun.  In this case the man used a knife — no guns were obtainable.  The man was arrested.  There were 20 children and one adult who had cuts.  They were taken to a local hospital and all expected to recover.

We are not so lucky in our country.  We have spineless representatives in the house and senate and their vote is for sale to the highest bidder.  One of the highest is the National Rifle Association (NRA).  The gun lobby will fight tooth and nail to keep you in as many bullets and guns as you need.  Want a gun for self defense?   Well, maybe 2, 5, or 10 would be better.  How many bullets do you need 1000, 10,000?  Have mental problems?  No problem, a friend or maybe a parent will buy your guns and ammo for you.  If you want to go out shooting at targets, birds, or people, you have a friend in the NRA.

imgresIf you are a friend of the NRA, they will support you.  If you don’t like the NRA it is best to just keep your mouth shut.  They will spend whatever it takes to make sure that you are defeated in the next election.  You will be their target — just as if you had the cross-hairs of a rifle on you.  One news reporter this past Friday pointed out that it was impossible to get an elected representative to come on TV to talk about the gun issue because they were all so afraid of the NRA!

We need to face facts.  Too many of our politicians are for sale to the highest bidder.  Unfortunately, they are doing nothing illegal.  If they are going to retain their office they need to keep money flowing in at an enormous rate.  When you are in the House of Representatives where you need to run for office every two years, it must be almost impossible to concentrate on helping the country.  You need to be always concentrating on helping yourself get re-elected.  If you have two phone lines coming into your office with a constituent waiting on one line and a representative from the National Rifle Association on the other, which one are you going to pick up first?

MoneyWe would probably go a long way towards solving some of our problems if we had tighter  restrictions (MUCH tighter) on campaign donations.  If that were the case, it would make it easier for the Federal Communications Commission to force broadcasters to give free time for politicians to place ads during election time.  These politicians wouldn’t have to worry about having Cox, Fox, Comcast, etc., fighting them.  They wouldn’t have to worry about the huge sums of money that the NRA can shower on their favorite lackeys.

The Bloomberg press said, just before the presidential election: Democrats have decided, I think wrongly politically and morally, that gun control is the only an issue they can lose on,” said Daniel Webster, co-director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School  of public health in Baltimore.

Charles Schumer of New York the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat who as a U.S. representative led the successful 1994 fight in the House to ban 19 military-style assault weapons, said there isn’t much point in pushing for new laws restricting guns these days. “We see the power of the NRA around here,” he told reporters yesterday.

Pretty sad.  Pretty sad.


4 comments on “Guns, Guns, Guns

  1. The NRA is currently in hiding. I wonder Why?

  2. In addition to the NRA and the politicians we need to ask why the american citizen is so enamored by assault weapons. Ours is the only culture that thinks life would not be complete without having access to guns that can deliver 100 plus bullets per second.

  3. Have you ever heard of the Pearl River, MS shooting. Probably not because the police didn’t stop it, the assistant principal did, and he did it with a .45 caliber pistol that he ran and got out of his truck

    • John, it is true that I did not hear of it – or, at least, don’t remember it. So, I looked it up. Indeed there was an incident where the good guys won. It happened in 1997. Surely there are more recent incidents where the “good guys” win.

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