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When Guns are Outlawed …

gun-controlInasmuch as what happened in Newtown, Aurora, Phoenix, Columbine, etc.,  I am reasonably sure that every politician knows that they have to convey the perception that they are doing something about this national sickness.  Most gun laws that have been passed in this country have been done to make us feel good AND to not cross the NRA.  They don’t and haven’t ever addressed the problem.

In civil society we have laws.  Unfortunately, a person or corporation with money  can easily subvert them.  Now, the National Rifle Association always tells us that, “When guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns”.  Well, that’s true.  It is also true that you are an outlaw if you break the speed limit — so maybe we shouldn’t have any laws regarding who can drive a car or how fast they can go?  In some communities you are an outlaw if you don’t shovel your front walk, or you let your lawn grow too high.  The object of the law is not to make a person into an outlaw, it is to reflect and enforce the morals and standards of the community or country.

If a person continually refuses to mow his lawn, society can have the laws changed to make the fine higher.  Maybe a heavier fine and then a short prison term would be next.  Now, in the case of guns, we have the NRA which, with their incredible wealth, is able to subvert the system.  If the pressure from society is such that the politician has to do something about a recent shooting, he will simply attempt to pass a law that he knows will do no good at all.  If he hopes to get elected again he had better pass a law.  BUT if he hopes to get elected again he had better not pass a law that the NRA doesn’t like.  This is a bit sticky.

AR15Suppose there is a law on the books that you can’t get within 100 feet of a school with a weapon.  A shooter comes along and from 100 feet starts shooting at students.  Some students get killed, the shooter shoots himself.  The NRA will immediately say that we need to enforce the laws that are already on the books.  SO, they would have us pay a policeman (or 2 or 3) to patrol every school in our district (or country) to be sure that no one is carrying a gun within 100 feet of a school??  That would cost our nation about 100 million dollars a year JUST to make sure that you don’t get closer than 100 feet if you are carrying a gun!  But, there is pressure on our elected officials to do something.  So our elected officials get together and change the law so that no one can get within 150 feet of a school with a weapon.  Will the new law do any good?  For the congressman, yes.  For the rest of us, no, no good was done.  The problem was and remains THE GUN!  Mr. Congressman won’t address that issue because the NRA will use everything in their considerable power to make sure that Mr. Congressman looses the next election.  Believe me, he will lose!

By and large, guns do not contribute to our society and they do cause a lot of grief.  They (all guns) need to be outlawed.  The law should state that you can’t sell weapons, you can’t carry one, you can’t have it in your own home, they cannot be produced in this country (except for military and police) and they can’t be imported — even for collectors.  Anything else is just an example of an elected representative not doing his job.  Pretty simple, but probably not simple enough for a congressman.

ThreatInterestingly, Mike Huckabee, a Fox News commentator, minister,  and former Republican presidential candidate claims that the shooting took place because we have “removed” god from our schools.  So, I guess that the problem with Aurora was that we “removed” god from the movie theater.  Phoenix, well he must think that we removed god from the shopping mall.

Mr. Huckabee is really screwed up.  We have always been allowed to pray to the god of our choice even in a public setting.  What is NOT allowed is the government (in the form of school administration) to force or to allow the use of social pressure to force ME to pray to YOUR god.  Check out the constitution, Mr. Huckabee.  It is as simple as that — and it has worked for a lot of years!

A pastor in Tennessee says that the shooting occurred because evolution is being taught.  Now there is a good reason!

Republican Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas suggested that if the principle were armed with an assault rifle, this wouldn’t have happened.  How do the Republicans attract such loons?


One comment on “When Guns are Outlawed …

  1. How do Republicans attract such loons? Good question. Republicans are a very dangerous breed and a threat to the entire world. These Republicans and their churches are the American equivalent of the Taliban as ignorance knows no bounds.

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