Guns and More Guns

Yesterday we heard of yet another deranged person having a gun and deciding to kill some innocent people. In this case there was a house fire. The first responders were volunteer firemen in upstate New York. The first two people off the engine were gunned down. What sin did they do? They were trying to put out a fire.

The gunman was a 61 year old man with an AR-15 rifle. The AR-15 is seemingly the weapon of choice for deranged shooters these days. Just a few days ago some politicians as well as some sleaze balls from the NRA suggested that we arm teachers. What’s next, arm the firemen? Bullets have a way of firing when they get too hot — as they might when the firefighter is fighting the fire.

According to the law, a convicted felon — which the shooter was, is not allowed to possess a gun.  This man owned a small arsenal   Apparently he didn’t know the law very well.  This is an example of us passing laws that are not enforceable.

All you smart guys from the NRA: What’s next? It is hard for me to see how any good purpose is served by guns in our society. It is time to rid ourselves of them. It is time that we elected people who are beholding to the voter, NOT the NRA.

As long as we have the situation in this country where too many people are too inattentive as to who is elected, and large organizations (such as the NRA) can legally give huge amounts of financial help to selected candidates, nothing will change.

When someone, or a group of people are killed by some mad man, we will feel sorry, we might cry, we might curse out the NRA, and then, we will go back to our own lives and ignore the problem.


2 comments on “Guns and More Guns

  1. Ron posted, “This is an example of us passing laws that are not enforceable.” Exactly, but the laws need to be on the books for judicial reasons. For those that do not commit suicide after committing any crime with the use of a firearm, there must be a legal road map for prosecution and sentencing of these criminals.

    Two more things remain certain in life, in addition to death and taxes. 1. If guns are outlawed, ONLY criminals will have guns. 2. With the ever increasing numbers of people living in our country, and the increased stress living in these troubled times, there will continue to be people who cannot cope. Like the “joker” opening fire in the theater in Colorado, the school incident in Connecticut and now this guy you referenced above.

    We are not alone in these incidences. The guy over in Denmark, I think, who slaughtered many at a children”s camp, the Chinese guy who slashed a number of kids in a school, and latest, another Chinese guy who drove his car into a group of kids.

    I predict the coming year, or years, will provide many more incidents of this nature to ponder. Outlawing guns will not stop these incidents from happening. At the rate people are arming themselves lately, there may be more times that an armed citizen in the right place at the right time may save some lives. The media loves the ratings they get from covering these killing sprees and there are twisted souls that see all the attention the killer receives, and every time this takes place it plants seeds in the twisted minds of people who are mentally unstable and see a copycat event as their ticket to death and fame.

    Is there any way to project or anticipate in advance who the next spree killer might be? Doubtful, but there are some similarities. Many of these people do not interact with other people in a comfortable way, and often keep to themselves. While they are keeping to themselves they pass the time by playing extremely violent video games. Is this a factor? I believe it is. But will that earmark the next spree killer? Doubtful…it is not likely that 1 person out of a thousand who lives a life as described above would actually snap and become that killer. It is a search for a needle in a haystack, without a warrant.

    There may be other factors, as well. I think that a lot of prescription drugs may play a role in the incidents. Many of them are unpredictable, especially with the “patient” stops and start the drugs without a doctor’s oversight. Another factor might be mental illness, and that background checks should include those questions. With Obamacare going into effect, those records will likely be nationalized at some point and those with particular illnesses would not qualify to become gun owners.

    Sadly, I think that little can be done to ultimately bring an end to these spree killings. They will be with us until the end of time. Outlawing guns is certainly not the solution. It’s people that are the root of the problem, not guns.

  2. Hey genius you just dismantled your own argument with the comment about a “convicted felon can’t have guns but he had a small arsenal” and “apparently he didn’t know the law” that’s the point criminals ignore the law, so if guns are outlawed guess who has the guns: the government and CRIMINALS. But I guess you’re one of the people who believe that the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle.

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