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…Only Outlaws will Have Guns

ConcealedThe state of Michigan issues licenses for concealed carry of a gun.  Additionally, they have a “Stand Your Ground” law similar to the one in Florida.  I guess that it is working out for them just about as well as a lot of us thought it would.

There were two drivers in Ionia, Michigan, a 43 year old and a 56 year old.  One would think that most men would have grown up by that time.  These guys seem to have had a bit of road rage.  They pulled off into a car-wash parking lot to express their differences of opinion.

Now, as far as I know they were law abiding citizens and, hence, had a right to have a concealed carry license.  They were both packing heat!  Before long they were both shooting at each other.  Now, they are both dead.

imgresThe NRA tells us that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.  There is nothing about this story to indicate that these men were outlaws.  If either of them lived I am sure that he would claim that he was just standing his ground.  It would be hard to argue with that.  Hence, I guess that I can conclude that both men were killed legally.  Only in America.


One comment on “…Only Outlaws will Have Guns

  1. “These guys seem to have had a bit of road rage. They pulled off into a car-wash parking lot to express their differences of opinion.”

    There is an old saying that “the exception proves the rule.” When they were debating concealed carry in Texas years ago people like you were predicting the above would happen a lot and that “blood would run in the streets” – the exact phrase they used.

    But as it turns out this kind of incident is about as rare as hen’s teeth, or getting hit by lightening, not only once, but twice.

    Fact is that people in the U.S. with concealed cary licenses do sometimes get arrested for firearms violations, but they don’t get arrested any more often for that than sworn police officers getting arrested for firearms violations (which does happen, not but not very often).


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