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Take Back our Country

Roughly 50% of the American population could be classified as “white”.  The other half are a mixture of Latinos, Blacks, Asians, etc.  If you are a politician, presumably you want to be able to produce results for all of your constituents.  There is no question that you would be destroyed if you developed policies that just benefited one minority.  No question, but there seems to be one party that doesn’t understand it.

Republican In the 2012 presidential election, 95 percent of the Republican voters were white.  Is it any wonder that they lost?  The only reason that they did not lose by an even bigger tally is that they had a lot of big money donors and they were able to convince a lot of people in the South and Midwest that Republican policies are good for them, too.

The far right of the Republican party wants to “take back” the country.  I have a hard time with the “take back” phrase.  What does it mean?  Did they lose the country?  Did they lose their citizenship?   As far as I know they are every bit as much a citizen as is President Obama (visualize a smily face here).

No one seemed to complain when Affirmative Action was White.  Initially the VA and FHA home loan programs were not equally accessible to blacks.  The GI Bill —a real steppingstone to the middle class for soldiers returning from World War II was limited as far as black veterans went.  Eventually, under presidents Kennedy and Johnson a lot of those wrongs were righted.

MultiRacialNow, some 65 years after World War II, the Republicans are succeeding in rolling back the rights of racial minorities.  South Africa, under Apartheid, and Germany, under the Nazis both look very bad in the history books, yet it is known that a large number of whites as well as blacks tried, and were ultimately successful, in bringing the Apartheid regime down.  In the case of Germany, the Germans of today can always argue that Hitler never won a majority vote (true) and was simply put in power because he was appointed.

The German president, Hindenburg did not want to appoint Hitler as Chancellor and appointed someone else instead.  The Nazis in the Reichstag were unwilling to cooperate (much as the tea baggers of today).  So, Hindenburg appointed another chancellor, and then another, etc.   Hindenburg finally decided that he had no choice but to appoint Hitler.  The Tea Party of today seems to know that history VERY well!

There is no question in my mind that the 1% who are financing and running the Tea Party have contempt for all of us — as they do for the non-white poor of this country.  They are thumbing the bible with one hand and trying to strip food from the mouths of the poor with the other.

Christians claim that their beliefs come from the bible.  However, it doesn’t really appear to me that there is any relationship between what the bible says and what they believe.  What similarity do they have with their charity-preaching, forgiveness loving messiah?  I would say, “None”.

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One comment on “Take Back our Country

  1. Throughout history religion and its books have been used as an excuse for human greed. Over 400 years ago Europeans came the Americas with bible in hand and a gun on the other and proceed to decimate the Native Americans and steal their land. Is that the fault of religion or do we blame human nature for that? …..I would suggest human nature trumps religion anytime.

    What right wingers are doing in the U.S. today is a futile attempt to bring back the past which is long gone. The laws used by whites to put down non-whites are not coming back.

    As for whites becoming a minority in America, America was always non-white. Those who doubt this should ask a Native American. If we can say anything is that today after a period of white European dominance, America is going back to being non-white.

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