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… After they have tried everything else.

ozIn World War II, shortly after we entered on the side of The Allies, things were not going well.  In our effort to supply England with war materials, we were losing a lot of ships.  Our Navy tried all sorts of schemes to get cargo across the Atlantic, but nothing worked.  The Royal Navy was furious.  Most of the schemes that were tried had already been tried by the Brits but no success.  They felt (rightly so) that we were wasting lives, time, and ships while learning the lessons that the Brits had already learned.

The Royal Navy officers had a meeting with the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.  In spite of the US losses, Churchill knew that, at least for a while, he needed to keep his mouth shut.  He told his officers to be quiet, too — but try to help the Americans as much as possible.  He was quoted as saying, We can always count on the Americans to do the right thing — after they have tried everything else!”

closedDid we just see something similar happen?  In the 23rd hour of the buildup to a catastrophe, the House of Representatives and the Senate did the job for which they were elected.  A budget deal was negotiated, voted on, and passed.  Our elected representatives deserve no credit.  This is something that should have been done some time ago.  Congress did the right thing — after they had tried everything else.

Democracy only exists if everyone is willing to play by the rules.  Germany of the the late 1920’s had a democracy but after a few National Socialists (Nazis) were elected, they had just enough power to make the German government come to a complete halt (like the Tea Party of today).  They refused to allow the German government to function unless Adolph Hitler was appointed Chancellor.   Paul von Hindenburg, the President of Germany appointed a few Chancellors but the Nazis refused to work with any of them.  Finally, Hindenburg — who was in his mid-eighties and showing signs of dementia — was forced to appoint Hitler — a person that Hindenburg thoroughly detested.  The rest, as the saying goes, is history.  After Hitler became Chancellor he changed the German constitution to get rid of those pesky elections.  Hindenburg died a year later.

Ted_CruzNow we have Ted Cruz and the Republican Right Wing.  If Ted and company will play by the rules and always remember that the good of the United States comes first, there would be no problem.  But, so far Ted and the Republican Right seems to be taking lessons from Hitler.  Please understand that I am NOT saying that Ted is another Hitler, but I am comparing his politics with Hitler’s — and they really are pretty close.

Ted was willing to hold a piece of legislation that was approved by the House, the Senate, signed by The President and vetted by the Supreme Court, hostage and was willing to let the US default on her debts in order to get his way.  This is an outrage.

The government shutdown cost The United States $24 BILLION dollars.  Ted Cruz must be one hell of a spellbinding speaker.  He sold a few members in the House a bill of goods in which there was no hope of winning.  One would think that that even a Republican would be smart enough to realize that they were on a fool’s errand.  There was no hope of getting their way, and it was very unlikely that they could get out of this mess looking good.  Ted Cruz and his Republican lackeys certainly are not doing their job.  Could it be that they are not too clear on what their job even is?

Actually, there may be loads of  Republicans who do not understand how a democracy works.  They are arguing that the US ought to impeach President Obama for signing the “unconstitutional” Affordable Care Act.  The Supreme Court has already declared it to be CONSTITUTIONAL.  I would be curious who is telling them that it is unconstitutional.

Another blogger started referring to the “Tea Party” as the Tealaban.  Not bad.


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