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Aid to Pakistan

“Some of my best friends are ___________ (fill in the blank)”.  Usually when I hear that phrase, it is spoken with “Jews”, or “Black” filling in the blank.  The speaker is trying to convince himself that he is not a racist or bigot.  Lately, I have found myself debating on Facebook with a number of people from Pakistan.  Are they some of my best friends?  No, but they could be.  Their statements are certainly interesting.  They are fun to debate.

map-pakistanThe big issue lately has been that the US should honor its “debts” to Pakistan.  Well, I guess that I am not as well informed about that area of the world as I thought I was.  I am sure that over the years we have pledged lots of money to Pakistan — with strings attached.  There are always strings attached.  Pakistan and the US are not “natural friends”.  Most Americans couldn’t care less about Pakistan and most probably couldn’t find it on a map.

I am quite sure that any military aid to Pakistan was with some sort of quid-pro-quo.  If we gave military equipment, for example, Pakistan, would have to pledge to preserve our secrets.  They would not be able to transfer or sell US equipment to any 3rd party.  I remember a number of years ago when we transferred some F16 fighter planes to Pakistan. It is accepted among the intelligence community ( //www.strategypage.com/dls/articles/200861402751.asp ) that Pakistan gave an F16 to China for examination and copying.  I am sure that was not with our approval.

2_aircraftPakistan claims that they are on our side in the war on terror — yet it is very clear that they shielded Osama Ben Laden from us.  When the US military caught up with Ben Laden and lost one of our stealth helicopters in the process, the Pakistanis allowed the Chinese to examine it.  That is a very serious breach of trust.

StealthPakistan has a long history of allowing the Taliban as well as Al Qaeda to have refuge in the Northern Territories of Pakistan.  They have a long history of hopelessly corrupt governments.  They have a very long history of allowing radical madrases to teach hatred and killing of the infidel (that’s us, folks).  It is disgraceful and immoral that we are giving them any aid at all.  I am convinced that it does not do any good.  It goes into the pockets of government higher-ups and that’s where it stays.

We are slowly removing our troops from Afghanistan.  Our mission of finding Ben Laden was accomplished.  It is time to leave Pakistan, too.  That will be good for the American taxpayer and it might actually be good for Pakistan as well.


One comment on “Aid to Pakistan

  1. Too often foreign aid is another word for bribe. How much does it take to bribe this or that government official? And the U.S. is not alone in this. Every superpower does it., Russia, China do it. Is the system corrupt? Absolutely.

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