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Israel-Palestine – Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored

This article was written by my friend Iqbal Latif.  I cannot possibly say this better than he has done.  I recommend his blog


as well as anything else he writes!

(There were a couple of slight changes suggested by my spell/grammar checker.)

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This article shaped itself in response to the accusation hurled at me for being a “Pro-Zionist,” only because I believe that peace with Jews, instead of hate and unwinnable wars, is a far better option. Most regrettably, I think the obsessive preoccupation we have with Israel is our disaster.

I am a realist. I have seen Leila Khalid hijacking and Black September Munich, and relentless suicide bombings in Jerusalem – these people have taught the world the art of hijacking, mass killings and suicide bombing. They should have had no war and made peace in 1948. Live with Israel. Every time they had war, they lost.

These hijackings and killings plus suicide bombings (perfected by the PLO) and the last 2012-2014 self-destructive Hamas tunnels were hailed as great jihad. Now in a quick turn the Al Qaeda and TTP are unleashing the ugly practices of their own people – these very activities have destroyed the fabric of the Palestinian society.

I have read the Palestinian issue closely since the exodus. It is difficult to argue with people about this when they are bent on making Israel the root cause of the problem and overlook the facts as described in Col Khan’s book too ‘that they were selling their lands to the Jews and smoking not only in 1926 but 1941.’

They overlook the fact that the Ottoman empire made the absolutely asinine decision to side with the Axis – lost the First World War and was dismembered and disfigured.

They overlook the fact that Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, by waging a war on the Ottomans over promises that he would be given peninsular Arabia, destroyed the geography of the area. The secret Sykes-Picot agreement between the French and the British divided the spoils in a way that left provision for Palestine to be divided.

They overlook the fact that the Mufti of Palestine, instead of taking the side of the victors, created Bosnian SS crack troops to side with the Nazis. He met with Hitler and requested expedited the final solution.

They overlook in their compulsive myopic obsessive view of the fact that this foolish mentality – to support losers, and waiting for Imam Mahdi’s return who will get them back their sold land – destroyed them. And for them, the essence of the disease is nothing. They keep weaving global conspiracies.

They forget that their leadership is the most regressive and repulsive.  It is secular, but was hijacked in the 1990s by Hamas. They gave the world, through Laila Khalid and through suicide bombers and use of hijacked planes as missiles in 911, the ugly legacy of today’s 10 billion hours of wasted travel time at the airports. They forgot that Munich Olympiad dastardly acts changed the nature of how Olympic villages were designed – fortresses now instead of the old global coming together of spirit.

In 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars, they lost each time.  Instead of sitting down and finding a mutually existential attachment, they have never surprised me by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Each war, Hamas has fought has been a disaster. Fighting the war with poop Fajr missiles, by putting them in the basements of schools and mosques amidst civilians and making tunnels for sudden suicide attacks, has wrecked West Bank. With the number of Muslims living around 100 m radius with a full Mediterranean frontage, it could have become the modern day Dubai, but instead the three wars invited by their Mishal/ Hanniyah Qatar based leadership has destroyed the populace. Not that they have not fired enough missiles aimlessly, 15000 of them, but none did the damage, rather they invited the wrath of a nation who took out these evil poop missiles stored in the basements using human populations as shields.

The deal they accepted after 45 days of foolish self-annihilation was the same as that negotiated by Egypt on day three of the last devastating war. You simply don’t put your children in harm’s way. Gaddafi did not have to do a Lockerbie. Saddam could have been less aggressive with the Shiites and the Iranian state to declare a war. Assad could be more pragmatic and inclusive towards Homs.  These are the realities, but people always keep pinning the blame on nations who have been pragmatic and saved themselves from being drawn into evil false led struggles. There is a reason why Hijaz is safe and not the eye of instability. Egypt was on the verge of collapse towards Qutb-led forces’ revolution. What have these extremists given to the world? Have they produced a single vial of vaccine for polio and given it to the world like Jonas Salk did ?

I hold their ‘evil leadership’ responsible for this state of affairs. This hateful obsession with Israel is misplaced. I condemn these terrorists because a nuke possessing area is actually dangerous grounds for provocation. Hafez, Saeed, Azhar, Masood provocations is evil. By closing minds you don’t progress. There is a reason why some nation progress and some fall into a hell hole. Those whose leadership leads them not into perpetual wars, but mutual coexistence and acceptance of realities on the ground, are the ones who survive and prosper.

Regrettably, since the turn of the century, the Palestinian leadership has never failed an opportunity to miss the boat.

One day I was listening to Hanan Daud Ashrawi, (an Anglican) and probably the most intelligent leader, speak in Hyde Park. Someone, a Pakistani, raised the slogan of “Allah u Akbar” and she said to him, ‘Look, our struggle is secular not religious, we have the likes of George Habash too.’

The Palestinian freedom struggle has become a tool for terrorists. What was Black September in Amman? An attempt to overthrow King Hussain. What did their leadership do in 1990? By siding with Saddam’s invasion of a country where 790,000 were gainfully employed (Queen Rania of Jordan was one of them), they were not allowed to return after the freedom of Kuwait because of Arafat’s massive betrayal. Why were they thrown out of Lebanon to Tunisia?  The Hamas killing, and the fight to take over the West Bank and starting an incessant struggle and the worst ‘the refusal to accept the Ehud Barrack ‘ agreement which would have created the two nation states – the pattern of the leaders is clear.

In life, leaderships should not fail their people. I condemn them as failures who have led the Palestinian nation into a disastrous cul de sac facing this hellhole. Pragmatism is and should be the art of living.


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