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America’s Shame

The Republican Party is a disgrace to anyone who would call himself “an American”.  It is a stain on the entire nation which will not be easily removed.  Two men, running for our nation’s highest, most prestigious position had their minions posting pictures of the candidate’s wives in sexy positions or trying to make the opponents wife look as ugly as possible.

The slimy, National Enquirer, whose editor is a close friend of Mr Trump suggested that Mr. Cruz has had five extra-marital affairs.  Trump has encouraged violence by offering to pay the legal costs of supporters who beat protesters.  By the way, I wouldn’t take that offer to the bank.  Trump has a record of making offers to pay for things and then just ignoring any claims.  Trump has called his opponent a “world class liar”, a “fraud”, and a “maniac”.  Mr Cruz could say the same thing about Trump, and it would be equally true.

DisgraceTrump, in his campaign, has made reference to the super adequacy of his sexual organ, has claimed that a journalist’s questions were a consequence of her menstrual problems, and has mockingly acted out another journalist’s physical disability on live television.  Dirty tricks are not new in US election campaigns (mostly by Republicans), but the new lows that the joy boys of politics, Trump and Cruz, have reached is unprecedented.

It is not only Trump and Cruz that we need worry about.  They are the product of a hate group formerly known as a political party — but now more akin to the KKK.  The Republicans have been pursuing fiscal, economic and social policies that served only the rich.  Starting with the Reagan tax cuts, millions of Americans slid into a very precarious existence.  Cultural declines are often the consequences of real economic declines.  We are witnessing the cultural declines now as the candidates go to new lows in their campaign conduct.  When followers are asked about their candidate’s conduct, they simply answer that he is telling it like it is!

The Republicans have built up a contempt for things done for the greater good – whether itimages is health care or aid to the poor.  They argue for educational policies that exclude the non-privileged.  They allow billionaires like the Koch brothers to direct the party’s policy and appoint its key can-didates. One Republican leader has said on national television that if the NRA doesn’t approve of a Supreme Court nominee, they won’t vote for him. The Republicans have even embraced the super-destructive Tea Party movement.

So what is the outcome to all this? If Trump can get 1237 delegates he will be the Republican candidate for president.  He will lose in the general election and could take the Republican party with him.  He loses because most of his strength comes from white, mid-dle class males. The poor won’t vote for him, and probably won’t vote at all.  Women, all across the economic spectrum will not vote for him.  In 2012 women made up 54% of the electorate.  It is greater than that now.  Women alone can elect or reject a candidate if they are united.  There is no question that Trump unites them!

images-1Can he even get those 1237 delegates in the primaries?  Many are skeptical.  If he has a plurality but not the magic number of delegates, and he doesn’t get enough on the first vote at the convention, I am sure he won’t stand a chance.  So, if he doesn’t get the 1237 delegates but does have a plurality (this will happen) his march of a million moron males would feel justifiably betrayed.  THAT should be interesting.  Trump has the money.  He could start a third party movement.

Well, “Oracle of the Future” is something that no one would ever think of calling me. The Republicans created this mess.  Lets hope they don’t bring down the country with them.

Let’s always remember that we get bad leaders when good people don’t vote.


One comment on “America’s Shame

  1. Just so happens that became rereading an old poli sci text on the Social Contract when I saw your post. A lot is being lost in our social contract and regard for community. Always enjoy reading

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