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It takes a Jew

I recently saw a repost of an article about Bernie Sanders on a Facebook page. The article was about Bernie’s expression of sympathy for the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank.There have been other presidential candidates in the past who have expressed sympathy for the Palestinians but in this presidential season there has actually been two who suggested that there would be a change.Interestingly, the first was Donald Trump who suggested that he would be more evenhanded, and now Bernie.Both statements are most welcome to me.Most of the world’s holocaust survivors have now passed on and their kids are looking at the issue of Israel in a new light.

israeli high tech

Israel exists.They are one of the major high-tech engines of the 21st century.To suggest that the world should stop everything and go back to 1948 is a ridiculous statement and doesn’t even warrant a response. The vast majority of the Israel Defense Force – from Generals on down to the lowest enlisted rank were born in Israel.Six of the last seven prime ministers were born in Israel.Should they change their place of birth?How would that work? The people who are trying to destroy Israel have never set foot in it.Neither have their parents.They have been given plenty of opportunities by the world to build a thriving state in Gaza but, seemingly all they were interested in was destroying Israel.There is no Israeli occupation of Gaza.Initially, when the Israeli troops left, Gaza had their own international airport and a thriving port.The freely elected Gaza leadership was not interested in the people of Gaza.They only wanted to destroy Israel.Hence, the blockade as it exists today.

tried to be fair. Currently, we have Palestinians being allowed to shoot rockets into Israel as well as send in commandos.They claim that they are justified in attempting to kill any and all Israelis, and are not committing any crimes, because all Israelis even small children are potential soldiers.

Israel has tried to negotiate with the government of Gaza, but they refused.One must Rocketsassume that if Palestinians have the right to strike anywhere in Israel then Israel has the right to strike anywhere in Gaza.Seems fair.

Israel has allowed shipments of building materials and food into Gaza until it became clear to the international community that the Gaza leadership — which the voters of Gaza support — have been diverting the materials to build tunnels into Israel for the purpose of kidnapping and killing.

Israel has, therefore, closed off the supplies and, each time a military incursion from Hamas happens, Israel retaliates.

Apparently, any country on earth can retaliate when their borders are attacked, but Israel, according to the UN cannot.Israel has and should continue to ignore the UN resolutions until a certain amount of evenhandedness is displayed.

Israeli Settlement

The West Bank, however, is a different story.The Palestinians must be given the opportunity to set up their own country.The settlements that Israel keeps building are, to a great extent, funded by private, tax-exempt United States Non-governmental organizations.Fifteen percent of the settlers are Americans.This is contrary to US policy and needs to be stopped. The United Nations has repeatedly upheld that this is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.The International Court of Justice has also called these settlements illegal.These settlements should be an embarrassment any supporter of Israel, anywhere!

According to a public opinion survey published by the Brookings Institute, 37 percent of Americans think that the United States should respond to ongoing Israeli settlement construction with economic sanctions, or harsher measurements.It needs to be much higher than that.


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