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When an Organization Stands for Nothing and is Opposed to Everything

For those who have a fascination or interest in the Holocaust and have great interest in reading about it, it is quite clear that there were a number of US companies who were complicit. The reason that the records are quite clear and it is well known who and how many went to the gas chambers is because of equipment provided by the American company, IBM.

That is not to imply that IBM shares in the guilt.  Surely no one at IBM had any idea what would happen over the years of Hitler’s rule.  They saw a business opportunity and took it.  Any company would have done the same.  No recent employees had anything to do with it and probably do not even know to what extent IBM was involved during the 1930s.  Suffice it to say, it was not a proud moment in IBM history.

203d443d5854dc04b5c320a2bdc6eaaaToday there is a remarkable parallel between the NAZI party of the 1930s and the Republican party of today.  On Friday, in a blog written on the Microsoft site, they announced that, as usual they will be providing equipment and technical assistance to the Republican and the Democratic conventions.  In previous years, Microsoft has provided cash contributions to make sure that there are plenty of Microsoft banners all over the convention hall so that we Americans and, indeed, the entire world will know what Microsoft is doing.  This year Microsoft has announced that they will not be providing any funding for advertising at the Republican convention.

Surely the decision went all the way up to Satya Nadella the Microsoft CEO.  He saw the writing on the wall and did not want to be a part of this hatefest.

I would suggest to my Republican friends and family to STOP IT!  Surely you see that the Republican party has degenerated into a hate group like the KKK and the American NAZI party.  When a political organization stands for nothing and is opposed to everything, isn’t it time to look elsewhere?  There are organizations that are dedicated to improving our country and the well being of our citizens – instead of tearing ours country down and embarrassing us in the eyes of the world.  Why not join one of them?

As an aside, let me suggest, “OK Apple it is your turn”.  Please make sure that there are no Apple banners shown on TV during the Republican convention.  You would make me, an Apple user quite embarrassed and upset.


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