When an Organization Stands for Nothing and is Opposed to Everything

There is a remarkable parallel today between the Republican party and the NAZI party of the 1930s.


Embarassed Yet?

Well, Republicans, are you embarrassed yet?  As I write this (Wednesday evening) it seems that a last minute budget agreement has been reached.  In the process of doing this, the world has seen that some of the US House of Representatives is so irresponsible that they might not care if a default happened.  The really […]

Take Back our Country

Roughly 50% of the American population could be classified as “white”.  The other half are a mixture of Latinos, Blacks, Asians, etc.  If you are a politician, presumably you want to be able to produce results for all of your constituents.  There is no question that you would be destroyed if you developed policies that […]

Global Warming, Senator McConnell

Fox news was reporting on a “very unusual problem” in the Miami Beach area.  It appears that Miami is running out of sand!  This, of course, is threatening the tourist industry as well as an important buffer against hurricane damage. Amazingly, they did it without mentioning the cause of this: climate change.  Now, Fox News […]

The Electoral Vote

Regarding the recent election, I could not reach a decision with which I was comfortable.   Did President Obama win a close election or was it a landslide?  Needless to say, if we looked at the electoral votes it was a landslide.  If we look at the popular vote it was close.  What do we […]

Winners and Losers

We generally learn more about a chess game or a military operation or a political campaign if we spend time analyzing the loser.  Lets do it: If you look at the electoral votes, it would appear that President Obama won by a landslide.  Clearly, that is not the case.  He did win the popular vote […]

Sandy and Christie

Governor Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey had a lot to say about President Obama and his response to the recent storm (Sandy).  It was all favorable — and he did it on Fox “News”. Christie showed up on Fox “News” where they asked if he would be having a photo op of […]