When an Organization Stands for Nothing and is Opposed to Everything

There is a remarkable parallel today between the Republican party and the NAZI party of the 1930s.


When Guns are Outlawed …

Inasmuch as what happened in Newtown, Aurora, Phoenix, Columbine, etc.,  I am reasonably sure that every politician knows that they have to convey the perception that they are doing something about this national sickness.  Most gun laws that have been passed in this country have been done to make us feel good AND to not […]

Guns, Guns, Guns

On Friday a man forced his way into a school and, from what we know, attempted to kill as many children and teachers as he could.  Think you heard that one already?  Maybe you didn’t.   In this case the man was in China.  China has tough gun laws and it is not very likely […]

The Electoral Vote

Regarding the recent election, I could not reach a decision with which I was comfortable.   Did President Obama win a close election or was it a landslide?  Needless to say, if we looked at the electoral votes it was a landslide.  If we look at the popular vote it was close.  What do we […]


I felt sure that Mitt Romney would win. Everything that I read pointed to an outcome just the opposite, but I am an extreme pessimist. I really didn’t believe that Obama would win until, well, he won.  Now, realistically, the polls, particularly Nate Silver’s in the New York Times did predict an Obama victory with […]

Winners and Losers

We generally learn more about a chess game or a military operation or a political campaign if we spend time analyzing the loser.  Lets do it: If you look at the electoral votes, it would appear that President Obama won by a landslide.  Clearly, that is not the case.  He did win the popular vote […]

Sandy and Christie

Governor Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey had a lot to say about President Obama and his response to the recent storm (Sandy).  It was all favorable — and he did it on Fox “News”. Christie showed up on Fox “News” where they asked if he would be having a photo op of […]