The Scott Walker Recall Vote

So Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has survived the recall vote.  I have never written about him because I am not so sure what to think about the whole thing.  Certainly he was smeared with much mud as were the Democrats trying to push him out of office. Recalls are serious business.  To me, a […]

Mitt Romney and the Auto Bailout

People make mistakes.  Obviously, we all have.  When a person in the public eye makes a mistake it could have large consequences.  But we are all human.  It comes with the territory. When President Obama decided to bail out the auto industry in 2008 it was a controversial decision.  No one, except the most uninformed […]

“Letter to My Students”

Many have said that in the latter half of the twentieth century, if you wanted to see how the United States will be in a few years hence, all you had to do was to look at California.  Well, I am looking and not liking what I see.  I see a state where the leaders […]

Rick Santorum, a man of the 1850s

Last Sunday, I  read an interesting article by Katharine Seelye of the New York Times.  Basically she discussed the show on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopolous.  George interviewed Rich Santorum. Santorum is sounding more and more like a person from the 19th century, or before.  He doesn’t feel, for example, that everyone needs to […]

The Right Wing and the demise of American Factories

When you are dealing with your fellow human being, it is sometimes difficult but very necessary to be careful of stereotypes, eg. Jews are ……, African Americans are……, Catholics are ….., and, yes, we minorities have some special stereotypes reserved for you white, Anglo Saxon Protestants.  In general, I would say that it is best […]

American Hero

Jessica Alquist is very courageous young lady attending a high school in Rhode Island — and a true American Hero for defending our constitution.  She was raised as a Catholic but at the age of 10 or 11 chose to become an Atheist.  Cranston High, a public school had a religious banner hanging in the […]

Land of Opportunity

On Tuesday, December 6, President Obama gave a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas invoking the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and praising the progressive ideals which Roosevelt’s Republican party had quite a bit of in the early twentieth century.  After the speech, Mitt Romney was furious.  He insisted that while Roosevelt believed that government should level the […]