Dear Mr. President

This is a letter written by Arif Hussain, the husband of a friend.  With her permission I am reprinting it. Dear Mr. President: I am the father of 3 young children living in a well-to-do community in America but I am shaking with fear, agony and anger after learning about the mass murder of young […]

Gay Marriage

I voted to allow gay marriage in Maryland — as did the majority of Marylanders, But all along, I felt that something was wrong with this.  One thing that I am very sure of is that it is wonderful when two people think so much of each other that they want to assume mutual legal […]

Comments about the Republican Convention

I watched a little of the Republican convention on Tuesday evening — enough to see some of Ann Romney’s speech. The thing about Ann Romney’s speech was that it seemed to me to be very genuine. She talked about her husband as well as her kids and her health problems. She is clearly proud of […]


I am afraid that I can’t get too worked up over the patronizing/boycott of Chick-Fil-A. This fast-food emporium appears to be doing well here on the East Coast and, I would guess, that by this time next week, or attention will be diverted elsewhere. I know that all the good Christians who are patronizing Chick-Fil-A […]

America’s Bigot

America’s Bigot

“America – The National Catholic Weekly” had a very interesting article on Rick Santorum in the January 12, 2012 issue, written by Raymond A. Schroth. He contrasts Santorum with John F. Kennedy. In 1960, JFK proclaimed, in front of an audience of Protestant ministers the primacy of the individual conscience.  It won’t be The Pope […]

Jim’s Mom

On January 18,  my friend Jim lost his mother.  Mildred was almost 103.  During her lifetime, she actually saw 40% of the history of the United States.  She was born 6-years after the first flight of the Wright brothers.  In her childhood, people who fought in the Civil War were simply elderly war veterans.  As […]

Night before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas, and all through the Senate the right held up our health care bill, no matter what was in it. The people had voted a mandated reform but Republicans blew off the gathering storm. “We’ll clog up the Senate,” they cried with a grin. “and in the midterm elections, we’ll […]