When an Organization Stands for Nothing and is Opposed to Everything

There is a remarkable parallel today between the Republican party and the NAZI party of the 1930s.


Aid to Pakistan

“Some of my best friends are ___________ (fill in the blank)”.  Usually when I hear that phrase, it is spoken with “Jews”, or “Black” filling in the blank.  The speaker is trying to convince himself that he is not a racist or bigot.  Lately, I have found myself debating on Facebook with a number of […]

… After they have tried everything else.

In World War II, shortly after we entered on the side of The Allies, things were not going well.  In our effort to supply England with war materials, we were losing a lot of ships.  Our Navy tried all sorts of schemes to get cargo across the Atlantic, but nothing worked.  The Royal Navy was […]

Never Forget

THIS IS A RE-POST OF SOMETHING I WROTE LAST YEAR. The question in my mind is:  What should I never forget?  I live in a community that lost people in the Pentagon.  The damage and loss of life to the Pentagon was, of course, not as great as the twin towers in New York (184 […]

Impeach the Bum

In recent years there has been an impeachment and talks of another impeachment.  Let’s see what is involved.  In the United States, the House of Representatives must pass by a simple majority a list of allegations.  If it passes, the defendant has been “impeached”.  Next, the Senate tries the accused.  To convict, a ⅔ majority […]

God in the Schools

The Reverend Adam Hamilton is a senior pastor of the United Methodist Church in Leawood, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, KS.  It is the largest United Methodist congregation in the United States.  He had some comments about “god in the schools”.  The following are excerpts from his blog.  The bolding is mine. Read on: […]

Guns and More Guns

Yesterday we heard of yet another deranged person having a gun and deciding to kill some innocent people. In this case there was a house fire. The first responders were volunteer firemen in upstate New York. The first two people off the engine were gunned down. What sin did they do? They were trying to […]