Health Care

… After they have tried everything else.

In World War II, shortly after we entered on the side of The Allies, things were not going well.  In our effort to supply England with war materials, we were losing a lot of ships.  Our Navy tried all sorts of schemes to get cargo across the Atlantic, but nothing worked.  The Royal Navy was […]

That Dang Liberal Press

It seems to me that in recent years, the press has become too liberal.  What I mean by that is that they have bent over backward to give equal time to people who were horribly misinformed or certifiable nuts. I like to read all points of view, but only if the premise makes sense.  For […]


I felt sure that Mitt Romney would win. Everything that I read pointed to an outcome just the opposite, but I am an extreme pessimist. I really didn’t believe that Obama would win until, well, he won.  Now, realistically, the polls, particularly Nate Silver’s in the New York Times did predict an Obama victory with […]

Salt Lake Tribune Endorses President Obama

Over the past four years, the Republicans have tried to do a lot of damage to our President and our Nation.  In spite of this, President Obama has been pretty successful. He: 1. Passed Health Care Reform 2. Passed the Stimulus 3. Passed Wall Street Reform 4. Ended the War in Iraq 5. Eliminated Osama […]

Debating a Chameleon

Do you know what a chameleon is?  It is a creature that is able to rapidly change colors to match the surroundings.  I used to think that they were lizards, but I guess that they come in human form as well.  I think that I saw one on television this past Wednesday.  Funny thing, though, […]

Comments about the Republican Convention

I watched a little of the Republican convention on Tuesday evening — enough to see some of Ann Romney’s speech. The thing about Ann Romney’s speech was that it seemed to me to be very genuine. She talked about her husband as well as her kids and her health problems. She is clearly proud of […]

Jesus and the Paralytic thru a Republican’s Eyes

Now that the Republicans are having their convention in Florida, it is probably a good time for some of us to try to understand them.  They are, after all, our brothers and sisters — our dimwitted brothers and sisters.  As a starting point I would like to present you with the benefits of my research. […]