An Atheist Christmas Poem

I first published this last year.  During 2012 lots of people looked for it on the web, so I decided to publish it again.  I did not create this I don’t know who did. (found this on the web) As we battle our way through the line at the store And think to ourselves “there […]

The Popemobile

An issue that is troubling me is the new Pope-mobile (left).  I, a non-believer, have always been willing to listen to people on the other side (religious people).  I am willing to let them tell me of all the proof that Jesus really existed and was the son of god, and I am more than […]

Bye Bye

Ever since President Obama won his second term with the tea baggers suffering some loses, it appears that a number of people are signing petitions asking that their state be allowed to leave the United States. Now, if you consider that our population of the United States is over 311 Million people, the number of […]

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving tradition is to have a turkey, as opposed to pork, beef, etc.  The luckiest turkey is, of course, the one that is to be slaughtered by the president.  He will, as we know, be given a pardon.  I think that this is wrong.  I think that the turkey should be required to do […]

Spanish Fresco

I suppose that we all know about the elderly parishioner in Spain who attempted to restore a deteriorating fresco of Jesus. Well, as the story goes (a TRUE story, by the way) she attempted to restore it but, at first, people felt that there was a bit of a problem. Now, people who saw this […]

Is Mitt Hiding Something?

Mr. Donald Trump, one of the most trusted men in America, has new evidence that we do have a constitutional crisis on our hands.  Our president was NOT born in the United States, was NOT born in Kenya but, in fact was born of penguin parents in Antarctica (one white and one black).  This is […]

You Stink at Photoshop – Take 2

chinaSMACK is a daily-updated collection of news and content from the Chinese-language internet. These latest stories, pictures, videos, and topics have become very popular, spreading across China’s major BBS forums, social networking websites, or through email forwards sent between normal Chinese people everyday. It appears to me that the Chinese papers are quick to use photoshop […]