To Bomb or not to Bomb

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has voted to authorize President Obama to take action against Syria in response to their use of chemical weapons against their own people.  Three of the most well known Republicans have voted with the majority.  The Republicans were Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker.  This resolution will now […]

The Fighting in the Middle East

For the time being, a war in the Middle East has been averted.  A new agreement was signed.  Apparently, Hamas has agreed to not fire missiles at Israel and Israel will relax the embargo against Gaza.  We’ll see how long that lasts. If you so desire, you can be a Christian or a Muslim and […]

Hamas and the IDF

Hamas, has lately been bombarding Israel with a new type of missile.  For years they have been firing short range missiles into Israeli border towns and, of course, Israel would retaliate.  The missiles weren’t very effective because they were very inaccurate and had a short range.  They generally landed in unpopulated desert areas.  When it […]

Middle Eastern Peace

… and we wonder why peace in the Middle East is a Mirage. You might have missed this, but a few days ago an Islamic terrorist group attacked an Egyptian border post. This is a case of Muslims attacking Muslims. The Israelis had nothing to do with it. The Israeli intelligence service was able to […]

Mitt in the Promised Land

So, it would appear to me that Mitt has breezed through “the promised land” without much trouble —  for now.  Unfortunately, there were some implied promises.  He let the Israelis know that, if elected, he will be Netanyahu’s puppy dog.  Israel can do whatever they want (steal more land on the west bank, bomb Iran) […]

Targeted Killings

Lately I have been noticing a number of articles, blogs, etc., regarding “targeted killings”.  Now, for anyone who has been living in a paper bag for the past few years, targeted killings are when a drone aircraft (usually a Predator) flies to a given location and fires a missile at said location.  It is all […]

The Value of War

Memorial Day 2012 has come and gone.  We have flown our flags, visited military cemeteries, and have done other things to show proper respect for those who lost their lives fighting America’s wars.  They deserve all that we can bestow.  Even more. Our leaders who led them into premature deaths, well, not so much.  In […]