Never Forget

THIS IS A RE-POST OF SOMETHING I WROTE LAST YEAR. The question in my mind is:  What should I never forget?  I live in a community that lost people in the Pentagon.  The damage and loss of life to the Pentagon was, of course, not as great as the twin towers in New York (184 […]

Comments about the Republican Convention

I watched a little of the Republican convention on Tuesday evening — enough to see some of Ann Romney’s speech. The thing about Ann Romney’s speech was that it seemed to me to be very genuine. She talked about her husband as well as her kids and her health problems. She is clearly proud of […]

Judge Tom Head

PLEASE NOTE:  I HAD SOME PROBLEMS WITH WORDPRESS.  SOME OF MY SUBSCRIBERS MAY HAVE RECEIVED THIS TWICE.  PLEASE EXCUSE. Good grief, I missed another one! In my August 22 blog, I wrote about Representative Tom Aiken of Missouri and his unique take on Female biology. After I realized that this was just a Republican saying […]

NRA 3 America 0

Since the olympics are going on it seems reasonable to use at least one sports metaphor in a blog. Hence, the title. I am sure that most know what I am referring to — the shooting in Aurora, Colorado and then the recent shooting in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and, of course, […]


I am afraid that I can’t get too worked up over the patronizing/boycott of Chick-Fil-A. This fast-food emporium appears to be doing well here on the East Coast and, I would guess, that by this time next week, or attention will be diverted elsewhere. I know that all the good Christians who are patronizing Chick-Fil-A […]

The Aurora, Colorado Shooting

So what would our politicians have us do?  Do we all have to “pack heat” to get a box of Skittles or go to a movie?  Should we wear body armor?  As bad as we think our politicians are, they might be even worse. The shooting in the Colorado theater evoked this comment from US […]

John McCain, Hero

John McCain has always been one of my favorite politicians.  He always seemed to me to be a straight shooter.  Even though I did not vote for him in 2008, and I certainly did not like his choice for Vice President, I always respected him.  Well, maybe not during the past 4 years. I was […]