Israel-Palestine – Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored This article was written by my friend Iqbal Latif.  I cannot possibly say this better than he has done.  I recommend his blog  http://iqballatif.newsvine.com/ as well as anything else he writes! (There were a couple of slight changes suggested by my spell/grammar checker.) This article […]

Israel and the United Nations

As of today, Palestine is now recognized a “non-member observer state” in the United Nations.  The Israelis as well as the Americans have said, it won’t solve anything.  Well, I am not so sure.  It may not solve anything by itself, but it does show progress for the Palestinians.  That is very important. It shows […]

The Fighting in the Middle East

For the time being, a war in the Middle East has been averted.  A new agreement was signed.  Apparently, Hamas has agreed to not fire missiles at Israel and Israel will relax the embargo against Gaza.  We’ll see how long that lasts. If you so desire, you can be a Christian or a Muslim and […]

Hamas and the IDF

Hamas, has lately been bombarding Israel with a new type of missile.  For years they have been firing short range missiles into Israeli border towns and, of course, Israel would retaliate.  The missiles weren’t very effective because they were very inaccurate and had a short range.  They generally landed in unpopulated desert areas.  When it […]

Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice is one of those people who I would like to spend some time with her to pick her brain.  She is a very smart lady and has been through so much.  As a child, she was brave enough to attend a formerly segregated school.  She has been a professor at Stanford, served on […]

Targeted Killings

Lately I have been noticing a number of articles, blogs, etc., regarding “targeted killings”.  Now, for anyone who has been living in a paper bag for the past few years, targeted killings are when a drone aircraft (usually a Predator) flies to a given location and fires a missile at said location.  It is all […]

Mike Monsoor, Congressional Medal of Honor

On April 6, 2008 Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor was posthumously awarded The Congressional Medal Of Honor by President George W. Bush.  Mike gave his life in Iraq in 2006. He jumped on, and covered with his body, a live hand grenade, saving the lives of a large group of his fellow Navy SEALs. During Mike […]