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Winners and Losers

We generally learn more about a chess game or a military operation or a political campaign if we spend time analyzing the loser.  Lets do it: If you look at the electoral votes, it would appear that President Obama won by a landslide.  Clearly, that is not the case.  He did win the popular vote […]

The Iowa Caucus

So it is over. I doubt that many was surprised by the results. Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman were both trying to appeal to the same evangelical Christians. Between the two of them I didn’t really see much of a difference in their views. Evangelicals, however, are a group that are inherently opposed to women […]

Ron Paul, Rick Perry, & Co., Importance of Iowa, Predictions

I like to hear Ron Paul talk.  He has some really odd ideas as well as some that we should think about — and I love his Texas drawl.  To me, however, the deal breaker, the reason that I could never vote for him for president is because of a law that he proposed a […]