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Is Mitt Hiding Something?

Mr. Donald Trump, one of the most trusted men in America, has new evidence that we do have a constitutional crisis on our hands.  Our president was NOT born in the United States, was NOT born in Kenya but, in fact was born of penguin parents in Antarctica (one white and one black).  This is serious.  Those same people who brought us the “Oklahoma is NOT OK with Shira” law pointed out that there is a little known amendment to our constitution that expressly forbids children of penguins from being president.  It expressly says that anyone who wishes to become president must be tall enough to read a tele-prompter.

 So, does this give a clear track for Mitt Romney to become president?  Well, not so fast.  Enough of the press at one time or another has gotten photos of Romney with his hair messed up.  What did it show?  Well, it appears that the favorite son of Massachusetts is, in fact, a Unicorn.  Now, there is no real proof of this but there is a lot of whispering going on in the horned community.  “At last, they say, one of our own will be president”.

18,000 people have already signed a petition to investigate this problem.  Now, I, for one, do not believe this unicorn crap.  But, I’ll have to admit that it would be very easy for Mitt to clear this up by submitting the long form of his DNA.  As yet, however, he has refused.

Looking at the man (Mitt) he does appear to be a human being, however, stranger things have happened.

After all, Donald Trump has proven that he is an asshole.


One comment on “Is Mitt Hiding Something?

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